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February was a great month for Québec wrestling. A few highlights from the past month include: the participation of Québec in numerous tournaments throughout the country, a world-class wrestling clinic held in St-Césaire, the provincial championships, as well as the U-Sport National Championships. The Norm Bujold Rumble took place in Renfrew Ontario on February 8th. Quebec clubs were well represented as the Crazy Dogs, Kanienkehaka Tehontatie:nas Mohawk Wrestling Club, les Patriotes de St-Cesaire, the Riverdale Wrestling Club, Vanier College and the YMHA Wrestling Club all sent wrestlers to the tournament.

Madison Montour competing at the Norm Bujold Rumble in Renfew Ontario

Additionally, Quebec wrestlers from The Patriotes de St-Césaire, Vanier College and YM-YWHA Wrestling Club wrestled at the Third Annual Gladiator’s Challenge, held in Brampton, Ontario on February 15th, 2020.

On February 21st 2020, the Patriotes de St-Césaire hosted a clinic with a talented group of former World Champions, Gia Sissaouri, current World Champions and Olympic hopeful Linda Morais, as well as Olympic hopeful, Jordie Steen. The clinic was specific for the development for youth level wrestlers. Various clubs from the Greater Montreal area and beyond were in attendance. The clinic was a real treat for the young athletes in attendance.

The Festival des Patriotes was held in St-Césaire, Quebec on February 22nd 2020. Athletes from across the province, as well as out of town came to compete in the younger age groups, ranging from the Bantam age group and lower. The tournament was well represented as a mixture of local and out-of-town clubs came to compete.

World Champion Linda Morais poses for pictures

On February 21st & 22nd 2020, Concordia University greatly represented Québec wrestling at the U Sport National Championships held in St-Catherines, Ontario at Brock University. Concordia University won 7 National medals (3 gold, 4 Bronze). In addition to these winnings, Guseyn Ruslanzda, was named Outstanding Male Wrestler for the tournament, making it three straight years that a Concordia athlete has won the award. Guseyn joins Francis Carter and Alex Moore who won in the previous years. On the women’s side, Jayd Davis was named as the Outstanding Rookie of the year. Congratulations to the Concordia Stingers! Go Stingers Go!

The 2019-2020 Concordia Stingers Wrestling Team

The 2020 Quebec Provincial Championships were held on February 23rd , 2020 in St-Cesaire, Quebec. The tournament was well attended as several weight categories featured matches between National Champions and medalists from the previous year. Congratulations to all Quebec wrestlers that have participated in the 2020 Provincial Championships.

Stone Lewis (Vanier College) in red won squares off against Yann Heymug (Patriotes de St-Césaire) at the 2020 Provincial Championships. 


Étoile Montant ESIM en Lutte: Laurence Beauregard (Concordia)

U Sport Outstanding Male Wrestler: Guseyn Ruslanzda (Concordia)

U Sport Women Rookie of the year: Jayd Davis (Concordia)

Jayd Davis (Top), Guseyn Ruslanzada (Bottom) competing at the 2020 U Sport National Championships


Senior Pan-American Championships (March 6-9)


Pan-American Olympic Qualification Tournament (March 13-15)


Junior/ Senior National Championships (March 27-29)


U17/U19 Canadian Championships (April3-5)


Jeux de Montreal (April 4)

Meeting for the Development of Quebec Wrestling (April 14 OR 16)

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Norm Bujold Rumble (Renfew, Ontario)

February 8th, 2020

Weight                                Name                         Placement     Club

Novice Boys 29.5 kg           Loïc Rainville             2nd                   Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Novice Boys 32 kg             Antoine Tremblay     1st                    Crazy Dogs

Tyke Boys 23 kg                  Kenzo Shier                2nd                   Crazy Dogs

Kids Boys 32 kg                   Paul Decu                   4th                   Crazy Dogs

Kids Boys 34 kg                  Charlie Gallerio          4th                   Crazy Dogs

Kids Girls 32 kg                   Éloïse Massé              3rd                   Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Kids Girls 39 kg                   Éléonore Lacasse       1st                    Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Bantam Boys 40 kg             Jeremy Préfontaine   1st                    Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Bantam Boys 40 kg             Émile Brodeur           2nd                   Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Bantam Boys 40 kg             Lestate Germain        2nd                   Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Bantam Boys 55 kg             Alexandre Tétreault  2nd                   Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Bantam Boys 55 kg             David Morrissette     3rd                   Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Bantam Boys 68 kg             Justin Leclerc             1st                    Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Bantam Girls 50 kg             Léanne Tétreault       2nd                   Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Bantam Girls 55 kg             Rose Forgues             1st                    Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Bantam Girls 66 kg             Rose Lacoste              1st                    Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Cadet Boys 77 kg                Owen Diabo               3rd                   KTMWC

Open Boys 51 kg                 Jacob Jutras                1st                    Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Open Boys 55 kg                 Jamie Levitt                2nd                   YMHA Wrestling Club

Open Boys 57 kg                 Justin Fortier             3rd                   Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Open Boys 72 kg                 Yann Heymug            1st                    Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Open Boys 89 kg                 Émile Forgues            2nd                   Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Open Boys 89 kg                 Mathis Rainville         1st                   Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Open Girls 51 kg                 Jordyn Goodleaf         1sr                  KTMWC

Open Girls 64 kg                 Sarah Black                2nd                   Vanier College

Open Girls 64 kg                 Camille Dubuc           3rd                   Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Open Girls 64 kg                 Sabrina Montour       4th                    KTMWC

Open Girls 115 kg               Madison Montour      2nd                   KTMWC

Gladiator Challenge (Brampton, Ontario) 

February 15th 2020

Weight                                Name                         Placement     Club

Bantams Girls 44 kg           Èva Vaillancourt        2nd                   Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Bantams Girls51 kg             Léanne Tétreault       3rd                   Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Bantams Boys 36 kg           Jérémie Préfontaine 3rd                   Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Bantams Boys 50 kg           Lestate Germain        1st                    Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Bantams Boys 70 kg           Justin Leclerc             4th                   Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Cadet Boys 61kg                 Nazir Haidarim          3rd                   YMHA Wrestling Club

Cadet Boys 54 kg                Jacob Jutras                1st                    Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Open Girls 67.5 kg              Camille Dubuc           2nd                   Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Open Boys 64kg                  Jason Luneau             1st                    YMHA Wrestling Club

Open Boys 72kg                  Stone Lewis               1st                    Vanier College

Open Boys 72kg                  Junior Iordache         3rd                   YMHA Wrestling Club

Open Boys 89kg                  Mathis Rainville         1st                    Patriotes de St-Cesaire

U Sport National Championships (St-Catherines, Ontario)

February 21st – 22nd 2020

Placement              Name                          Weight                       Club

1st                             Jayd Davis                  Women 55kg             Concordia 1st                             Guseyn Ruslanzada   Men 76kg                   Concordia 1st                             Aly Barghout              Men 120kg                 Concordia 3rd                             ce Beauregard            Women 59kg             Concordia 3rd                             Amanda Savard         Women 67kg             Concordia 3rd                             Aaron Orzack             Men 79kg                   Concordia 3rd                             Sam Barmish              Men 82kg                   Concordia 4th                             Kaleigh Prieur            Women 48kg             Concordia 4th                             Jeremy Poirier           Men 100kg                 Concordia 5th                             Kaya Dubé Snow       Women 55kg             Concordia 5th                             Samuel Garland         Men 65kg                   Concordia 5th                             Julien Choquette        Men 90kg                   Concordia

U Sport Team Placement 

Concordia Men’s Team: 3rd

Concordia Women’s Team: 6th

Festival Des Patriotes  (St-Césaire, Québec)

February 222nd 2020

Men Bantam

Women Bantam

Men Kids

Women Kids

Men Novice

Women Novice

Men Tyke

Provincial Championship (St-Césaire, Québec)

February 23rd 2020

Team Results

Men Cadet

  1. Patriotes de St-Césaire
  2. YMHA
  3. Loyola
  4. Massey Vanier
  5. KTMWC
  6. Beurling/ NCWC
  7. Thai Long

Men Juvenile

  1. Patriotes de St-Césaire
  2. Tritton Top Team WC
  3. Vanier
  4. Massey Vanier

Men Junior

  1. Tritton Top Team
  2. Vanier
  3. Montreal WC
  4. Massey Vanier
  5. Thai Long

Men Senior

  1. Montreal WC
  2. Thai Long
  3. YMHA
  4. Independent
  5. Riverdale WC

Individual Results

Men Cadet


  1. Bryce Rooney                             Loyola
  2. Abdullah Merhaydar                  YMHA

51 kg

  1. Jacob Jutras                                 Patriotes de St-Césaire
  2. Joshua Lynch                              Beaurling Wrestling


  1. Jamie Levitt                                YMHA
  2. Cory Lapierre                             Massey Vanier
  3. Justin Fortier                              Patriotes de St-Césaire


  1. Isaac Lacasse                              Patriotes de St-Césaire
  2. Wyatt Patch                                Massey Vanier
  3. Connor Rooney                          Loyola
  4. Julius Zaccardelli                        Thai Long


  1. Junior Sonin Iordache                YMHA
  2. Nathan Germain                         Patriotes de St-Césaire


  1. Owen Diabo                                KTMWC


  1. Émile Forgues                            Patriotes de St-Césaire
  2. Sébastien Sarazin                       National Capital Wrestling Club


  1. Michael Cocca                             Loyola

Men Juvenile


  1. Michael Cocca                             Loyola


  1. Stone Lewis                                Vanier
  2. Yann Heymug                             Patriotes de St-Césaire
  3. David Ballard                              Loyola High School


  1. Brock McComber                       Tritton Top Team WC
  2. Tristan Boutard                          Tritton Top Team WC


  1. Mathis Rainville                         Patriotes De St-Césaire
  2. Xavier Lauzon                            Tritton Top Team WC

110 kg

  1. Nick Cross                                   Tritton Top Team WC

Men Junior


  1. Jason Luneau                              Montreal WC


  1. Brayden Todd                            Vanier
  2. Ayam Atash                                Thai Long


  1. Brock McComber                       Tritton Top Team WC
  2. Nick Bates                                   Massey Vanier
  3. Tristan Boutard                          Tritton Top Team WC


  1. Xavier Lauzon                            Tritton Top Team WC


  1. Nicholas Cross                            Tritton Top Team WC

Men Senior


  1. Trevor Banks                              Montreal WC


  1. Tamim Ferdausi                         YMHA
  2. David Nguyen                             Thai Long


  1. Gabriel Choueke                          Montreal WC


  1. Caleb Rutner                                Montreal WC
  2. William Evans                              YMHA


  1. Dima Gershanov                          Montreal WC
  2. Micheal Mokry                             Thai Long
  3. Jeremie Raymond                        Thai Long


  1. Nicolas Tincau                             Independant
  2. Micheal Dahabieh                        Thai Long


  1. Dulgheru Dumitru                       Riverdale WC



  1. Naïka Desrochers                        Patriotes de St-Césaire
  2. Jordyn Goodleaf                           KTMWC


  1. Virginie Gascon                            Concordia
  2. Erin Rainville                               Vanier


  1. Jolie Brisco                                   Montreal WC
  2. Nèva Piché                                    Patriotes de St-Césaire


  1. Sarah Black                                  Vanier
  2. Camille Dubuc                              Patriotes de St-Césaire


  1. Alexia Sherland                            Vanier
  2. Stephanie Reid                             Tritton Top Team WC
  3. Stella McComber                          KTMWC


  1. Genevieve Lamarche                   YMHA


  1. Virginie Clément                          National Capital Wrestling Club


  1. Madison Montour                        KTMWC

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