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A message from FLOQ Executive Director Martine Dugrenier

I hope you are all safe, staying healthy and active, we are working hard to make sure that when wrestling resumes it will be the best season, we ever had. Keep training hard!!!


Linda Morais of the Montreal Wrestling Club/NTC was named Female Wrestler of the year for 2019 by Wrestling Canada Lutte. Linda had an exceptional year, winning the World Championships at 59 kg in September and then capped it off by winning the Canadian Olympic Trials in December as well as being named Outstanding Wrestler for the tournament. Congratulations Linda! The FLOQ is very proud for this exceptional achievement!


Jordie Steen

Québec’s Olympic qualified wrestle has a busy month with two in depth interviews about his wrestling career, qualifying for the Olympic Games and how he is continuing to train during Covid-19.

On May 12th Jordie gave his first interview with Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association with Emily Schaefer on their segment called “Tuesday interviews”. Please visit the following link to watch the complete interview.

Jordie Steen Interview with Emily Schaefer «Tuesday interviews» ::


On May 28th Jordie Steen provided his second interview with Win City Sports (Windsor, Ont). Here, Olympic qualified wrestler Jordie Steen joins Drake on the phone to chat about growing up in Windsor, his stellar wrestling career, and making it to the Olympics. Jordie follows his parents as Olympic athletes, coming from a very athletic family.

Jordie Steen Interview with Win City Sports:




The FLOQ is proud to announce that 4 Québec Freestyle wrestlers have made the selection process for Sport Canada Carded Athletes and 9 Québec Freestyle wrestlers have been selected for the NextGen programs. Québec has the largest representation of NextGen athletes within Canada, tied with Ontario at 26%. These athletes all train in the Montreal National Training Center (NTC) in the Reinitz Wrestling Center and represent the Montréal Wrestling Club (Coach – Victor Zilberman & Rob Moore), Concordia University (Coach – David Zilberman), and Vanier College Wrestling Club (Martine Dugrenier).

Carded Athletes:

  • Jade Dufour
  • Alex Moore
  • Linda Morais
  • Jordie Steen

NextGen Athletes:

  • Aly Barghout
  • Laurence Beauregard
  • Jayd Davis
  • Jade Dufour
  • Alex Moore
  • Jeremy Poirier
  • Amanda Savard
  • Alexia Sherland
  • Brayden Todd

Congratulations to all the Quebec athletes that have been selected for National Carding and Next Gen programs. Your work and dedication to the sport of wrestling continues to make Quebec one of the top provinces for wrestling within Canada. Additionally, congratulations to the coaches that continue to support these athletes. You all make your clubs and Province proud.

For more information concerning Québec’s carded & NextGen athletes please click here.



Coaching Course Community Wrestling + Competition Introduction Part 1 & Part 2

If you are interested in registering for a coaching course for community wrestling (beginners, Local) or Competition Introduction Part 1 & 2 (Highschool, provincial, national) please contact coord@floq.ca . Once the wrestling resumes the FLOQ will contact you in order to register for the coaching seminars. Please send Noël Tremblay the following information to reserve your spot.

Phone Number
Community wrestling


Competition Introduction



USA Wrestling Magazine

Please click here to view USA Wrestling’s free digital magazine, USA Wrestler. Within this magazine you can find many resources for goal setting, inspirational reading, wrestling gear, wrestling techniques and more.

NCCP Coach Initiation in Sport

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) is pleased to announce a new national partnership with Decathlon Canada that will support and empower coaches across the country. By providing opportunities for coaches to improve their skills, promote their activities, and reach more participants, they will work together to inspire people across Canada to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. In celebration of this partnership, Decathlon Canada invites you to take NCCP Coach Initiation in Sport for free! To receive your promo code, sign up on Decathlon Community – a sports experience platform for coaches to promote their activities and find new participants. Once you receive your code by email, you can redeem it in the Locker until June 30.

For more information please click here.

Coin Coach (Loisir et Sport Montérégie)

À travers ces trois thèmes principaux, Yannik Morin vous convie à sa vision globale et systémique de l’entraînement. En mettant l’accent sur le développement des habiletés athlétiques et sur l’aspect éducationnel, vous saurez adapter et quantifier chacun des paramètres d’entraînement en fonction de l’âge et du sport de votre jeune candidat.

Le rôle du talent et les astuces pour le développer seront adressés pour une compréhension globale du développement.




Pour plus d’informations, veuillez cliquer ici.



Due to safety concerns surrounding the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Fédération de Lutte Olympique du Québec (FLOQ) has suspended all sanctioned events and activities. FLOQ Staff and Directors will continue to monitor the situation and inform our members as more information becomes available.

We also request that in the event of a positive test for COVID-19 (by any athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers, or their family members) that the club must be informed and notify the FLOQ Executive Director.

The FLOQ recommends following the World Health Organizations advice.

It is recommended that you continue to follow the measures below to reduce the general risk of transmission of acute respiratory infections:

  • Avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections;
  • Wash your hands frequently, especially after direct contact with ill people or their environment;
  • Avoid unprotected contact with farm or wild animals;
  • People with symptoms of acute respiratory infection should practise cough etiquette (maintain distance, cover coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing, and wash their hands).
  • Practice social distancing.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early.

To access updates on the situation and health advice, go to the WHO website.


Sport’Aide – Covid-19

Signes et/ou symptômes – assistance: https://www.msss.gouv.qc.ca/professionnels/maladies-infectieuses/coronavirus-2019-ncov/

Voici la ligne téléphonique privilégiée pour toute question:  1-877 644-4545

Respecter toutes les directives et consignes de la Santé publique et du Gouvernement du Québec.

Sport’Aide vous propose son offre de service élargie afin de vous aider à faire face au contexte du Coronavirus COVID-19.

  • Élargit son approche d’accompagnement aux jeunes sportifs, leurs parents, entraîneurs, officiels et administrateurs qui pourraient vivre de l’anxiété en lien avec la cessation de toutes les activités sportives;
  • Adapte sa campagne de communications « grand public » (ex. La Presse de ce matin)
  • Lancera une campagne sur les médias sociaux et plateformes web.
  • Fournira aux fédérations/clubs dans les prochains jours un kit de communication réunissant tous ces visuels « Sport’Aide – COVID-19 »;
  • Publiera des blogues et des capsules vidéos (messages de personnalités publiques sportives :
  • Sylvain Guimond, Jean-Luc Brassard, Cindy Ouellet et Karen Paquin) invitant les jeunes sportifs, leurs parents et entraîneurs à contacter Sport’Aide s’ils vivent de l’anxiété ou s’ils sont besoin de parler de leur situation;
  • Liens utiles: sportaide.ca

Ligne téléphonique et SMS: 1-833 211 AIDE (2433)


Important Message

In order to make the Newsletter as beneficial as possible for all of FLOQ members please feel free to send Noel Tremblay (coord@floq.ca) any of the information listed below in order for Noel Tremblay to include them in the Newsletter:

  • Home Workouts.
  • Any results from athletes from your club (Tournaments, GMAA Duals, Sport Awards…)
  • Any flyers for tournaments, camps, clinics…
  • If you have anything else that you might want to share with the FLOQ Coaches.