23 Apr 2024

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My thoughts on the GMAA/RSEQ Finals 2024

Sunday February 18th 2024 Well, it’s finally over, another high school season comes to end. Thirteen teams went into the finals with Loyola once again winning the Championship title on the boys side and Howard S. Blings winning the Championship on the girls side. It’s...
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Should Wrestling have a Belt system?

Monday February 5th. 2024 I’ve often pondered why wrestling doesn’t seem to be a huge sell in some areas of the world. I could cite that more often than not it’s cultural and that maybe certain areas just aren’t suited for wrestling, but that argument...
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My end of year wrap-up for 2023

Thursday December 28th, 2023 And with the end of the Olympic Trials, wrestling events for the calendar year of 2023 comes to a close. This has been a year of ups and downs for me, both personally and on the mat. It’s been a year...