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25 Feb 2021

Category: Articles


Return To Wrestling Phase # 3

Return To Wrestling Phase # 3 (Groups of 4 partners) A) Make sure each athlete brings: Health questionnaire Consent Form A bottle of water A bottle of hand sanitizer A towel A sports bag to put personal effects B) Follow sanitary measures, wearing a mask…



June 20, 2020 * No wrestling training – contact with a partner is prohibited at this time. 1. CONSENT FORM + HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE to be completed by all participants a) Indicating that they have no symptoms b) They haven’t been in touch with someone positive…


Georges St-Pierre headed to the UFC Hall of Fame

(Georges St-Pierre with Montreal Wrestling Club/ National Training Center Coach Victor Zilberman) Québecois UFC legend and proud Québec wrestler Georges St-Pierre is headed to the UFC Hall of Fame! Georges St-Pierre, from St-Isidore, Que, is a two divisions UFC Champion, and is regarded as the…


Return To Group Training – Phase 1

Starting Monday June 8th, group training (Fitness only) can resume, outside only. The FLOQ recommends that group training sessions be supervised by a certified coach. Rules to follow: Two meters away at all times. * Exception for athletes who live at the same address Wash your…


Entraîneurs Montréal – Lab sportif

PROGRAMME RECONDUIT POUR 2020-2021 Le programme «Entraîneurs Montréal – Lab sportif» accompagnera pour l’année 2020-2021, 12 entraîneurs visant une carrière d’entraîneur sportif. Débutant par une journée d’accueil le 27 août 2020 de 10h à 16h, ce programme d’une durée de 10 mois se terminera à la fin du…