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31 Mar 2023

Category: Jason’s Blog

Jason's Blog

Beat the Streets Quebec Style part 1: The Matches

Saturday June 15th 2019 On Thursday June 13th, a truly unique event took place in the heart of downtown Montreal on Crescent Street in front of the famous Sir Winston Churchill Pub.  The vision of former Montreal Wrestling Club, Concordia University and Junior National team member,…

Jason's Blog

A truly international experience

Friday May 31st 2019 Having gotten back from Italy to a stack of corrections, which I’m really not looking forward to, I took the opportunity to reflect on my experience at this year’s Matteo Pellicone Tournament. I’ve had a chance to digest the whole thing as…

Jason's Blog

Taking care of our amateur athletes

Tuesday April 30th 2019 There has been something that I’ve thinking about for a long time.  I’ve alluded to it in previous blogs but only now do I feel the need to expand upon it in full.  I’m referring to the way that we as Canadians…

Jason's Blog

As the months go by

Sunday March 31st 2019 With the end of the month coming up, we can see that it was a pretty successful end of year for our junior and senior athletes as the National Championships yielded many great results.  Now the focus shifts to the younger cohort as the…

Jason's Blog

Roughhousing at Recess

Thursday March 7th 2018 I’ve often said that the current generation of athletes in North America may not be at the level of competitivness as that of our foreign counterparts.  Some of it comes from the fact that in this litigation heavy society, kids seem…

Jason's Blog

What’s really important

Thursday February 28th 2019 As my high school season is officially over, with both the GMAA Championships and the Provincials finishing in the month of February, and with none of my athletes heading to Nationals (a first for me in a long time), I’ve had…

Jason's Blog

Wrestling Moms

Wednesday February 13th 2019 So it’s the middle of the month and I have nothing to speak about in my blog.  Granted I’m not under any deadline and I seriously doubt that there’s a slew of people waiting to read my latest article so why…

Jason's Blog

Parent’s and Sports

Wednesday January 30th 2019 Normally in the blog, I like to speak about things that are more positive in nature.  The blog has been a place that I’ve used to share my experiences and to give my opinions on what’s going on with our sport.  I…

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