FLOQ Newsletter February – March 2021

Message pour nous membres

Encore une fois, rester patient. La FLOQ vous tiendra au courant des étapes de déconfinement. Nous travaillons fort avec le Regroupement des sports de combat reconnus pour reprendre les activités en même temps que les autres sports.


Wrestling In the “Red Zone”

All organized sports activities located in the red zone are suspended until further notice. The FLOQ asks its members to respect the rules of Public Health.

  • Individual practices only
  • Wearing a mask at all times in indoor public places (for all levels of alert)
  • Travel between regions is not recommended
  • Curfew between 9:30pm and 5am

We encourage all members to stay active and continue to exercise at home or outdoors or in areas that will be permitted for individual practice.

For more information please consult the government of  Quebec’s website.


Moore wins 86kg Olympic wrestle-off

Feb. 20th – TORONTO – Alex Moore of the Montreal Wrestling Club defeated Clayton Pye in two straight matches to win the 86 kg wrestle-off and earn a spot at the World Olympic Qualification Tournament, May 6-9 2021 in Bulgaria.

The wrestle-off, which was closed to the public, took place at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre. Moore fell behind early in the first match, trailing 0-4 at the halfway point.

“It’s been a while since I competed, it took some time getting the rust off,” said the 23-year-old. “I got a pep talk from my coaches and got myself together. I knew I was fine, and I knew I could come back, so I didn’t panic.” Moore went on to score six straight points to win the first match 6-4.

In the second match, Moore dominated and scored ten points quickly to win by technical superiority. “It feels good to be back. In practice I’ve been feeling amazing, we’ve been training hard. I just need to transfer that to the tournament.” “Now I need to go back to practice and find out how I can fix my mistakes, and keep taking it one day at a time.”

The World Olympic Qualification Tournament is the final chance for athletes to qualify for the postponed Tokyo Olympics. At the event, the top two spots in each weight-class will be awarded Olympic qualification. Congratulations Alex on your accomplishment! The Québec wrestling community wishes the best of luck on qualifying for the Olympics. 

Video from the wrestle-offs is available on the FLOQ’s website


Signs or symptoms – Assistance 

If you are worried about COVID-19 or if you have flu-like symptoms or  gastroenteritis symptoms or similar to COVID-19, you can call 418-644-4545, 514-644- 4545, 450-644- 4545, 819-644-4545 and 1-877-644-4545 (toll free) elsewhere in  Québec. For the hearing  impaired (TTY), call 1-800-361 9596 (toll free).

Click here to access their website. 



Sport’Aide vous propose son offre de service élargie afin de vous aider à faire face a u contexte du Coronavirus COVID-19. 

  • Sylvain  Guimond,  Jean Luc  Brassard,  Cindy  Ouellet  et  Karen  Paquin)  invitant   les  jeunes  sportifs,  leurs  parents et  entraîneurs  à  contacter  Sport’Aide  s’ils   vivent  de  l’anxiété ou s’ils sont besoin de parler de leur situation ;  
  • Liens utiles: www.sportaide.ca 

Ligne téléphonique et SMS: 1-833 211 AIDE (2433)


Representatives of combat sports ask for a safe return of federated sports no later than March 22nd 2021

Montreal, February 22nd, 2021 – Representatives of six combat sports federations (boxing, judo, karate, kick-boxing, wrestling and taekwondo) welcome Quebec’s intentions to relaxed Covid-19 measures after the spring break but they are asking government authorities to allow organized sports activities to restart no later than March 22nd 2021

Statement of the spokesperson for the combat sports group in support of this request:

“Our federations allow young athletes to enjoy sports activities in a safe and controlled environment. We have worked to develop risk management plans to minimize the possibilities of spreading the virus. Protocols proposed by combat sports federations, like all sports federations for that matter, include, among other things, measures to ensure that no gatherings are held before, during or after sport activities unfold.

It seems important to point out that, as reported in the media, the data from the Quebec health ministry identified 44 cases of COVID outbreak associated with sports activities against 4 863 in workplaces from September to February. These numbers clearly show that sports have a low risk of spreading the virus. Furthermore, federations offer young people the opportunity to enjoy sports in a supervised and safe environment.

March 22nd seems to be the right time to restart activities by federated sports since it is two weeks after spring break. The immediate effects of school break should be mitigated fourteen days later, which is why we believe that by that time federated sport should be able to resume its activities with the application of safety measures protecting all its members.

As stakeholders in the Quebec sports system, we consider it essential to initiate the reinstatement of organized sports activities to preserve the mental health of young people. The isolation and distress they experience are becoming increasingly problematic and could have serious consequences.

We therefore believe in acting quickly for their well-being. In this pandemic period, we will be ready to provide secure settings to restart sports activities no later than of March 22nd ” explained Patrick Kearney, president of Judo Quebec and spokesperson for combat sports federations.



Le Réseau de l’action bénévole du Québec (RABQ)

Le RABQ souhaite recruter des membres pour participer à un comité consultatif qui les guidera dans l’élaboration et le déploiement de la campagne de promotion et de valorisation du bénévolat dans les lieux de pratique des activités de loisir, de sport et de plein air.

Pour toute information complémentaire, veuillez communiquer directement avec le Réseau de l’action bénévole du Québec:  https://www.rabq.ca/.


High Five Sport Coaching Training 

Are you interested in levelling up your coaching? HIGH FIVE National is introducing a new and free virtual OnDemand training for sport coaches! Learn more about how to keep the game fun for your players while having a quality sport experience with HIGH FIVE Sport training. This training enables you to earn professional development points towards your National Coaching Certification Program through the Coaching Association of Canada.

This training opportunity has been made possible through a partnership with the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association. It supports the Government of Canada’s (Sport Canada) funding commitment to achieve gender equity in sport at every level by 2035.

Pre-register to get exclusive access to the new HIGH FIVE Sport. It’s the best way to play! 

Click here to register. 

For more information, contact


Coaching certification

Competition-introduction part A & B

This certification would allow you to start a club, coach at a club, and coach at the U17/U19 Nationals. If you are interested in completing the competition introduction part A+B course please register at the link below. 

The first step is to create a NCCP account in Locker on the coaching association website: https://thelocker.coach.ca

In order to better serve the coaches in our community, Wrestling Canada Lutte (WCL) invites all coaches who are interested in following its National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) pathways to use this online form to let us know what kind of training they need.

EN link: https://forms.gle/jigaG6akGg7vZSqn7 

French: https://forms.gle/2y3LBLdgi2ViKQ2v5 


Competition Development

The FLOQ along with Sport Quebec will try to offer Quebec coaches who are certified in Competition-Introduction Part A+B the opportunity to start the coaching certification: Competition Development. This coaching level allows you to coach at the Jr. /Sr. Nationals and international competitions. 

The course is completed in 3 steps. 

Step 1 : Theory – (9 modules) 

To access the calendar for the Multisport module click here:

C-1 Efficacité en entraînement et en leadership (8.5hrs – 110$)
C-2 Diriger un sport sans dopage (3.5 hrs/75$)
C-3 Développement des qualités athlétiques (10.5 hrs / 110$)
C-4 Gestion des conflits (4.5hrs /75$)
C-5 Psychologie de la performance (7hrs / 100$)
C-6 Prévention et récupération (7.25 hrs / 100$)
*C-7 Planification de la performance* (14.5 hrs/ 150$)
*C-8 Planification avancée d’une séance d’entraînement (5 hrs/ 100$)
*C-9 Gestion d’un programme (4hrs / 85$)
*Modules C-7, C-8, C-9 can be completed at home. 

*Around 40hrs for the first 6 modules. 

Step 2 – after the multi-sports module

  • Practical – Technical & Tactical courses – Wrestling Canada 

Step 3

  • Evaluation – Wrestling Canada

The price for the entire course would be between $1,000-$1,500.

Please let me know if you are interested. We are trying to create a Québec cohort for this spring 2021.

If you are interested in completing your coaching certification please contact Noel Tremblay at coord@floq.ca


FLOQ’s Legendary Fight Club 


March 25th: David Tremblay

David Tremblay, born in Windsor Ontario, started wrestling at the age of 13. Coached by his father, David Sr, David Jr. dominated the highschool circuit winning 3 national titles and representing Canada on the WCL Cadet team. Upon graduating from L’essor Highschool Tremblay moved to Montreal Quebec to continue his wrestling career. Tremblay’s move to Montreal established a relationship between the Montreal Wrestling Club and L’essor. Over the next 10 years several of L’essors alumni would train in Montreal winning countless National and World medals. In Montreal David attended Vanier college and wrestled with the Montreal Wrestling Club under the guidance of Victor Zilberman. Throughout his career at Vanier College Tremblay won the Canadian Junior Champions, took bronze at the Junior Pan-Ams, and finished 8th at the 2007 Junior World Championships.

While attending Concordia University Tremblay won 5 consecutive U Sport Championships, helping the Stingers win two National titles (2011, 2012). Throughout his studies and training, Tremblay helped coach the YMHA’s youth wrestling team. Additionally, throughout his career at Concordia Tremblay won several National Championships representing team Canada at various international events. In 2012 Tremblay qualified and competed at the 2012 London Olympic Games at 55kg. Tremblay was also a finalist for the prestigious 21st annual BLG Awards (2013) honouring the top male and female athletes from universities affiliated with Canadian Interuniversity Sport. In 2014 Tremblay won Gold at the Commonwealth Games in in Glasgow, defeating the current #1 rank wrestler in the world at 6kg Bajrang Punia of India.

Since his retirement in 2014 Tremblay has taken over as head coach of his former high school L’essor, training the next generation of champions.

National Results

  • Jr National Champion (2007) – 55kg
  • 2 x Sr National Champion (2011, 2014) – 55kg
  • Canadian Olympic Trail (2011)- Gold – 55kg
  • 5 x U Sport Champion (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)- 61kg

International Results

  • 2007 Jr Pan-American Championships – Bronze – 55kg
  • 2008 Jr Worlds – 8th – 54kg
  • 2011 Torneo Citta a Sassari – Gold – 55kg
  • 2011 Macedonian Pearl – Gold – 55kg
  • 2011 Grand Prix of Spain – Bronze – 55kg
  • 2012 Pan-Am Olympic Qualification Tournament – Gold – 55kg
  • 2012 Olympian 55kg
  • 2014 Commonwealth Games – Gold – 61kg

David Tremblay, welcome to the club!


March 11th: Misha Japaridze

Misha Japaridze (born in Tbilisi Georgia) was a 5x gerogian National Champion before immigrating to Montréal, Canada in 1995. Japaridze trained at the Montreal Wrestling Club alongside Gia Sissaouri (also born in Tbilisi Georgia) and under the mentorship of Victor Zilberman. While training in Montréal Misha also competed in the German Wrestling Bundesliga league from 1997-2000. Japaridze dominated the Canadian wrestling scene from 2000-2007. Known for his world class par terre skills, Misha became one of Québec’s most decorated wrestlers. 

Misha retired in 2007 but continues to coach and mentor young wrestlers within Montréal. Japaridze is currently the head coach of the Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA youth wrestling program. 

National Results

  • 6 x National Champion
  • 2000 Olympic Trials Winner – 54kg
  • 2004 Olympic Trials Winner  – 55kg

International Results

  • 2002 Commonwealth Games – Silver – 55kg
  • 2002 World Cup – 4th – 55kg
  • 2003 Pan American Games – Bronze – 55kg
  • 2003 German Grand Prix – Gold – 55kg

Mr. Japaridze welcome to the FLOQ’s Legendary Fight Club!


February 11th: Jay Bradbury

Jay Bradbury est le plus ancien membre de la FLOQ. Dévoué en tant qu’entraîneur, arbitre, et organisateur d’événements de lutte au Québec. M. Bradbury a fondé la Fédération de Lutte Olympique du Québec (FLOQ) en 1971 avec Barry Nye. Il a été président de la FLOQ de 1971 à 1973. En 1976, il a été coordonnateur pour le Comité organisateur des Jeux olympiques (COMO) à Montréal. Il a organisé et dirigé les compétitions de lutte aux Jeux olympiques de Montréal de 1976 et l’épreuve pré-olympique en 1975. M. Bradbury est encore activement impliqué comme entraîneur pour l’équipe de lutte de Riverdale.

Son tournoi Invitation Riverdale est organisé à tous les ans et ce depuis 1969 et le Québec Open depuis 1981. De 1975 à 1990, il a également organisé le Montréal Open. 

En 2013, M. Bradbury a été intronisé au Temple de la renommée de Lutte Canada. Son dévouement à cette discipline a permis le développement de la lutte au Québec et à un grand nombre de lutteurs québécois de s’épanouir!


  • Membre fondateur de l’Association Canadienne des officiels de lutte amateur. (Canadian Amateur Wrestling Official Association)


  • Arbitre/Officiel international pendant 36 ans (1969-2004) :
  • FILA Arbitre/ officiel Exceptionnel (1982-1997)
  • Instructeur FILA (1994 – 1997)
  • Arbitre/ Officiel – honorifique de la FILA (retraité par la FILA en 2004)
  • Arbitre/ Officiel de la FILA
  • 4 Jeux Olympiques (1984, 1988, 1992, 1996)
  • 21 Championnats du Monde Senior,
  • 16 Championnats du Monde Junior,
  • 4 Championnats du Monde Cadet
  • 7 championnats européens seniors,
  • 2 championnats panaméricains seniors, championnats européens juniors.
  • 1 jeu asiatique, championnat pré-olympique, championnat du Commonwealth championnat océanique.
  • 8 coupes du monde seniors et 2 coupes du monde junior.
  • Plus de 30 autres tournois internationaux: au Canada, aux États-Unis, au Mexique, en Australie, en Corée, en Roumanie, en Allemagne et en Autriche.
  • Étoile d’or de la FILA décernée lors du Championnat du Monde des Cadets 1991 pour services rendus à la lutte québécoise et canadienne

Mr. Bradbury welcome to the FLOQ’s Legendary Fight Club!