25 Jun 2024


Fédération de Lutte Olympique du Québec

History of FLOQ

The FLOQ (Fédération de Lutte Olympique de Quebec) is the governing body that oversees the sport of Women Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling & Greco Roman wrestling in the province of Quebec. The FLOQ has had a long history of producing elite wrestlers in the province of Quebec.

FLOQ wrestlers have won:

  • Over 415 medals at the National Championships/ Canada Games.
  • In 2017, Quebec won its first team medal at the Canada Games, winning a bronze medal in the men’s division.
  • FLOQ wrestlers have won over 25 medals at the world championships,
  • A Silver Medal at the 1996 Olympic Games.
  • Additionally, the FLOQ has had at least one participant at every Olympic games since 1976.
  • Additionally, more than 160 FLOQ wrestlers have made National teams competing at the Pan-Ams, Commonwealth Games, Jeux de la Francophonie, World Champions, and Olympic Games.

Currently there are 16 FLOQ wrestling clubs, and 9 RESQ High School that practice wrestling within Quebec. These various clubs provide high quality wrestling instruction from members as young as 6 years old to well in their 60’s.

Various youth wrestling programs within the FLOQ aim at developing the fundamentals of the sport, while painting a fun atmosphere. The FLOQ is also proud to have a National Training center in Montreal at the Sylvan Adams YMHA. The national training center provides its athletes with world class training, and exposure to international tournaments. Athletes that train at the National Training center dream of competing at the Olympic Games.

The FLOQ works with its members to promote and develop the sport of wrestling In Quebec, and to continue to its long tradition of producing world class athletes.