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Become a FLOQ Wrestling Coach


Kids Wrestling (Community Sport)

If you want to teach basic wrestling skills to ‘grass root’ participants (ages 14 and under), this 1 day interactive workshop is for you. Developed for elementary and high school teachers, parents, or volunteers, as well as for municipal recreation program officers, this workshop will enable you to coach wrestling basics in a fun and safe environment.

Module / Course: Community Sport Initiation Kids Wrestling     

Offered: By Provincial Wrestling Association        

Status Achieved on Completion: Trained

Contact: info@FLOQ.ca


Competition Introduction

Competition-Introduction Part 1: This 16-hour interactive course is all about teaching athletes the basic skills of the sport for low-level competitions. It is an introduction to effective coaching, planning practices, and ethical decision-making, and has 6 hours of integrated content from the Wrestling CanCoach Level 1 technical component.

Competition-Introduction Part 2: Complementary to Part 1, this 20-hour high-performance based course is targeted towards coaches in the secondary education system and/or a competition-based club development program. Topics such as designing sport programs, basic mental skills, and teaching skills will be covered, integrating 7 hours of content from the Wrestling CanCoach Level 2 technical component.


For more informational or to register for the next competition Introduction course please contact info@FLOQ.ca



COMING SOON. This program is for coaches who are working in the post-secondary education system and/or involved with a nationally focused competitive club program. Coaches in this context will be working with athletes competing at the national level in Junior and Senior categories. It is targeted to coaches working with athletes competing at events like the Canada Games, CIS Championships, Canadian Championships and athletes on the Junior National Team.


Advanced Coaching Diploma

The Advanced Coaching Diploma (ACD) is the pinnacle of a coaches’ education in the National Coaching Certification Program. ACD coaches are recognized as being among the most qualified coaches and leaders of athletes and sport programs provincially, nationally and internationally.

Please visit the Advanced Coaching Diploma page for more information.



Multi-Sport Training

Multi-sport coaching modules have been integrated into wrestling’s Community Sport and Competition-Introduction modules as described above.

Multi-sport coaching modules are required for the completion of wrestling’s Competition-Development training. Coaches are required to take these modules separately through the network of Provincial and Territorial Coaching Representatives.

Find an NCCP multi-sport workshop: https://www.coach.ca/-p140586

All of these multi-sport modules can help you reach higher as a coach, and can also be counted towards Maintenance of Certification.


Maintenance of Certification

In order for NCCP coaches to maintain their certified status, they will be required to obtain Professional Development (PD) points. PD points can be earned through a multitude of activities that coaches already participate in, including: national and provincial sport organization conferences and workshops, eLearning modules, NCCP workshops, coach mentorship programs, and active coaching. In most cases coaches are already earning their required PD points — Maintenance of Certification Status is simply the introduction of tracking these points and recognizing coaches for their efforts.

Please visit the Maintenance of Certification page for more information.



National Coaching Certification Program

NCCP in a nutshell

Designed and delivered through the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) and the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is a world-class Coaches’ training program.

Are you just starting out, or a school coach?

Consider taking the NCCP Community Coach training workshop.  The workshops are designed to be presented in 6 – 8 hours and provide much of the basic training for coaches.  These workshops are ideal for new teacher/coaches who are looking to coach at the community club or elementary/high school level.  Community Coach Courses are also an excellent resource for club volunteers (parents, etc.) who are interested in helping out at the club.


Next Step:

As an alternative for Coaches wanting more training or who are moving into coaching athletes going on to participate in Provincial and National Championships, there is the Competition/Introduction training level.  ‘Comp/Int’ for short.

Under Comp/Int, coaches can take one or both of the A and B workshops.  After taking the workshop, the coach is considered ‘Trained’ at that level.  The A and B workshops in wrestling are what is known as integrated workshop, meaning that you receive both Coaching Theory/Science and on-mat Wrestling training during the course.  Each workshop runs approximately 12 – 14 hours depending on the instructor – known as a Learning Facilitator.  



Part A: Introduction, Make Ethical Decisions, Planning a Practice, Nutrition, Technical Skill

Part B: Design a Basic Sport Program, Teaching and Learning, Basic Mental Skills, Technical Skill


National Level Coaching

Once you are A and B trained (that is, you have taken both workshops), you are considered ‘NCCP Trained’.  From here, you can move on to becoming ‘Certified’ under the Competition/Introduction program if you have in interest in Coaching at a higher level such as National Cadet/Juvenile Championships. 

To be certified, you must complete an Ethical Evaluation.  This is done through an on-line questionnaire through the Coaches Association of Canada (CAC).  The on-line Making Ethical Decisions (MED) modules can be done at:www.coach.ca  – you will need your NCCP number to complete this process.  You receive this number when you complete the workshops noted earlier, or on request to the CAC (if you took the course recently and have not received your NCCP number yet).  

To complete Certification for Competition/Introduction you must be evaluated.  To be evaluated, you work with an ‘Evaluator’ (an experienced/Master Coach) to show you are able to implement what you have learned in the courses in running your practice. Contact the FLOQ to arrange for an Evaluator to work with you.  Evaluation is a two-step process:

The Evaluator reviews required related paperwork associated with what you learned in the A and B courses – you will provide practice plans, an Emergency Action Plan, and so on.  

Once you have done your MED and submitted material to the Evaluator, you will be paired up by FLOQ with the Evaluator to view a practice you run.

CERTIFICATION = Part A + Part B  + On-line Ethical Decision Making Evaluation  + Coach Evaluation


Special Circumstance

For existing experienced coaches and others with an extensive background in Wrestling, there is an opportunity to “Challenge” the Competition/Introduction level by going straight to the Evaluation phase.  This is a very exceptional case for very strong coaches with a great deal of prior experience but who have not taken the A and B courses.  For more information on Challenges, including minimum (FLOQ) standards to qualify to challenge, please contact OAWA.


High Performance Coaches

Coaches who have completed the Competition/Introduction designation and are certified at that level can choose to move on if they will be coaching at higher levels such as the National Juniors/Senior Championships, National Team trips, etc.

This training level is referred to as Competition/Development (Comp/Dev for short).  

For Competition Development, there are nine of these courses or ‘Modules’ offered.  Currently Coaches wishing to be considered ‘trained’ in Competition Development must:

Be fully certified Competition/Introduction

Complete all Modules under the Competition Development stream.  

The nine modules are:

1.Manage Conflict

2.Leading Drug-free sport

3.Psychology of Performance

4.Prevention and Recovery of Injury

5.Coaching and Leading Effectively 6.Manage a Sport program

7.Advanced Practice Planning

8.Performance Planning

9.Developing Athletic Abilities (course + 2-hour pre-task)

Complete the Competition-Development Program Wrestling course.  This is a specialized course hosted only by Wrestling Canada.  The course is offered on a limited basis. 

While taking these courses, the coaches are considered ‘In training’.  Once the coach has taken these courses, they are considered ‘Trained’. To complete training and become certified, the coach must complete the final two steps below:

Must have previously completed the Making Ethical Decision module (on line at www.coach.ca)

Be evaluated by a Comp/Dev Evaluator.  Evaluation for Comp/Dev is also a multi-phase Evaluation.  Contact Wrestling Canada Lutte for a Comp/Dev Evaluator.

Important Note:  The Competition/Development stage of Wrestling NCCP training is managed completely by Wrestling Canada.  FLOQ will do everything we can to help with questions, but course requirements and availability and enforcement of Competition/Development is handled exclusively by WCL.


Coaching Beyond Competition Development

Once Coaches reach a very high level of training (World Championships for example), they can continue to grow as coaches through the NCCP level 4 and 5 programs.  These are very specialized courses run through the Wrestling Canada Lutte.  Interested coaches should contact Wrestling Canada Lutte for more details (info@wrestling.ca).


Maintaining your Certification

Once you are certified under the NCCP, you are required by the Coaches Association of Canada to maintain your certification by showing that you are continuing to coach, and continuing to enhance your coaching skills.  This is known as Professional Development.  Coaches need to earn a certain number of points to maintain their certification.  To find out how many points you need and how to obtain them, please check in the Coaching Association of Canada’s Locker system.   


Hints on how you can earn points:

Once a year, you can submit a form to CAC to show you are still coaching

Take one of the e-learning modules at www.coach.ca.  Some of these modules (eg. Making Headway – Concussion Training) are FREE!

General Inquiries:  Please contact the FLOQ at info@floq.ca for more information on Coaching Support!



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