The 2020 GMAA All-Star Meet showcased the best high school talent in the Greater Montreal’s Athletic Association at Howard S. Billings High School on Thursday February 6th in Chateauguay Quebec.  The GMAA as it’s more commonly known as holds an annual All Star Meet which pits the defending champions from the previous year against a team comprising of the best wrestlers from the rest of the league.  The defending Champs from Loyola took on a strong All-Star Team of boys from the league while for the Girl’s side, athletes were split up and formed into Team Red versus Team Blue for the competition.  

Team Loyola warming up

Boy’s Roster:

All-Stars Loyola Winner
76 lbs: Jeremy Prefontaine ESPGO 76 lbs: VOID ESPGO
92 lbs: Lucas Styres HSB 92 lbs: Bryce Rooney LOY LOY
100 lbs: VOID 100 lbs: Kyan Sabathy LOY LOY
108 lbs: Lestat Germain ESPGO 108 lbs: Logan Suh LOY LOY
116 lbs: John Gunnip JRHS 116 lbs: Alec Oltaci LOY JRHS
123 lbs: Maxence Blanchard MVHS 123 lbs: Julien Tasca LOY MVHS
129 lbs: Adrian Collins JRHS 129 lbs: Michael Lanni LOY JRHS
135 lbs:  Charles Blanchard MVHS 135 lbs: Joshua Roberts LOY MVHS
142 lbs: Nathan Germain ESPGO 142 lbs: Connor Rooney LOY ESPGO
150 lbs: Jeremy Vieira VMC 150 lbs: David Ballard LOY VMC
162 lbs: Faison Ahmed BA 162 lbs: Aiden Cheema LOY BA
172 lbs: Owen Diabo HSB 172 lbs: Duncan Lessard LOY HSB
186 lbs: Emiles Forgues ESPGO 186 lbs: Thomas Ballard LOY ESPGO
207 lbs: Mathis Rainville ESPGO 207 lbs: VOID ESPGO

Final score: 

All-Stars Loyola 
50 16

The traditional handshake

For the Girls All-Stars, we have the following athletes:

Team Red Team Blue  Winner
100 lbs: Georgia Agapitos VMC 100 lbs: Charlie Dalpe ESPGO ESPGO
108 lbs: Kathleen Jones-Sargent HSBHS 108 lbs: Naika Desrocgers ESPGO ESPGO
123 lbs:  Jade Gaudreau MVHS 123 lbs: Rose Forgues ESPGO ESPGO
142 lbs: Giuliana Iannuzzi VMC 142 lbs: VOID VMC
160 lbs: Cierra Monacco JRHS 160 lbs: Camille Dubuc ESPGO ESPGO

Final score: 

Team Red Team Blue 
7 13

Some action from the Girls meet

Congratulations to all our All-Stars on a well fought meet and congratulations to the defending champions Loyola and Team Red and Team Blue for an equally well-fought meet.  A special thanks also has to go to Howard S. Billings and Coach Peter Montour for hosting this great event. Now, on to the finals!

School Abreviations:
Beurling Academy BA
Howard S. Billings HSBHS
John Rennie High School JRHS
Loyola High School LOY
Massey Vanier High School MVHS
École Secondaire Paul-Germain-Ostiguy ESPGO
Vincent Massey Collegiate VMC

Owen Diabo gets Howard S. Billings the win!

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