29 Feb 2024

Category: Events


The Canada Games Trials

The trials for the 2017 Canada Games will be held at the Kanawhake Survival School on Saturday May 6th 2017.  Participation is open to all Quebec residents who are members of the FLOQ in the Cadet and Juvenile age divisions and have had competitions throughout the...

The Concordia Invitational

The Concordia Invitational will take place on Sunday October 23rd at the Concordia University Athletic Complex (7141 Sherbrooke Street West).  The tournament kicks off the University season and will also feature a National Referees certification clinic.  For more information, click here.  

K.S.S. Middle Tournament

The K.S.S. Middle School Tournament will take place on Friday December 2nd at the Kanawhake Survival School.  The K.S.S. tournament is eligible for all wrestlers in Secondary 1 or 2 and is an excellent way to introduce young beginner wrestlers to the sport to other...

The Eastern Canadian Wrestling Championships

The Eastern Canadian Wrestling Championships will be held in Quebec at St-Cesaire by Dominique Choquette and the Patriotes de St-Cesaire.  The Canada East wrestling championships features wrestlers from Eastern Canada from Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI.  The age groups are Bantam...

The Provincial Championships

The Provincial Championships will be held on Saturday February 27th 2016 at Centre Claude Robillard.  All participants must be members of the Quebec Wrestling Federation.  Registration can be done at the site.  For the tournament information, click here.

Quebec Open 2015

The annual Quebec Open will take place on Saturday November 28th at Riverdale Highschool in Pierrefonds QC.  For more information, click here.