The weekend of February 25th was an action packed one as Quebec wrestlers competed both at home and abroad. Athletes from Concordia University went out west towards the University of Alberta while Quebec athletes converged on St-Cesaire for the Provincial Championships. For both events, Quebec athletes competed extremely well.

U Sport National Championships

The U Sport National Championships, held on Friday February 24th and Saturday February 25th, featured a full return to normal as athletes from all over the country came to compete. The event was not held in the previous year due to the pandemic and as a result, the return to the tournament was greatly anticipated.

Virginie Kaze-Gascon (56 kg), Laurence Beauregard (63 kg), Amanda Savard (67 kg) and Alexia Sherland (72kg) would make up the Women’s team while on the the Men’s side, Liam Menard (68 kg), Sam Garland (72 kg), Connor Church (76 kg), Alex Moore (90 kg), Jeremy Poirier (97 kg) and Angus Scott (125 kg) would represent the Maroon and Gold.

The final placement for our University athletes were as follows:

Women’s Wrestling
Name  Weight  W-L Placement
Virginie Kaze-Gascon 56 kg 3-1 Bronze Medal
Laurence Beauregard 63 kg 4-0 Gold Medal, All Canadian
Amanda Savard 67 kg 3-1 Silver Medal, All Canadian
Alexia Sherland 72 kg 3-1 Silver Medal, All Canadian
Final Team Placement 6th  

Alexia Sherland with Coach David Zilberman and her father

Men’s Wrestling 
Name Weight  W-L Placement
Liam Menard 68 kg 2-2 5th
Sam Garland 72 kg 2-2 5th
Connor Church 76 kg 4-0 Gold Medal, All Canadian
Alex Moore 90 kg 4-0 Gold Medal, All Canadian
Jeremy Poirier 100 kg 4-0 Gold Medal, All Canadian
Angus Scott 125 kg 0-4 8th
Final Placement 6th 

In addition to this, Alex Moore was named as the Outstanding Wrestler for the Men’s competition! For those who are interested, you can catch all the matches on the CBC Youtube Channel. Congratulations to our Concordia Stingers for a strong competition!

The Quebec Provincial Championships

The Provincial Championships featured all the Quebec clubs coming to compete. The provincials are used to help select the athletes that will represent Quebec at the National Championships.

The event featured a set of athletes competing in the morning (Bantam, Tykes, Novice, U17 and Juniors) as well as another group competing in the afternoon (U19 and Seniors). The tournament was also the largest it has been in many years as over two hundred athletes were registered to compete. The results for the tournament were as follows:

Tykes Boys
25 kg 33 kg

Novice Boys
22 kg 26 kg 30 kg 42 kg 56 kg

Kids Boys
30 kg 32 kg 37 kg 40 kg
42 kg 45 kg 61 kg 80 kg

Kids Girls
30 kg 42 kg

Bantam Boys (U15)
34 kg 38 kg 41 kg 44 kg
52 kg 62 kg 67 kg

Bantam Girls (U15)
39-42 kg 50 kg 54-57 kg
62 kg 70 kg

Cadet Boys (U17)
45 kg 48 kg 51 kg 55 kg 60 kg
65 kg 80 kg 92 kg 110 kg HWT

Cadet Girls (U17)
49 kg 61 kg 69 kg 73 kg 90 kg

Juvenile Men (U19)
51 kg 55 kg 60 kg 65 kg
71 kg 80 kg 92 kg 110 kg

Juvenile Women (U19)
61 kg 65 kg 69 kg 73 kg 90 kg

Junior Men
61 kg  70 kg 74 kg
79 kg 92 kg 120 kg

Junior Women
50 kg 59 kg

Senior Men
61 kg 65 kg 70 kg 74 kg 79 kg
86 kg 92 kg 97 kg 120 kg

Senior Women
76 kg

Congratulations to all the medal winners and participants at the Provincials!