Two tournaments took place in York Ontario this weekend as high school and university wrestlers took to the mat. The Team Extreme Open was held Saturday November 16th while the York Invitational was held on the Sunday. Both tournaments featured a huge amount of amount of athletes, always a welcome site as well as some very strong competitionboth local and international. Athletes from Concordia, Montreal Wrestling Club/NTC, Vanier College and the YMHA WC competed at both tournaments with the following results:

Caleb Rutner pins his opponent

Team Extreme Open

Montreal Wrestling Club/NTC 

Jason Luneau (66 kg) Gold Medal

York Invitational

Concordia University

Kaleigh Prieur (Women 48 kg) Bronze Medal

Kaya Dubé-Snow (Women 55 kg) Silver Medal

Virgine Gascon (Women 55 kg) Gold Medal

Laurence Beauregard (Women 59 kg) Bronze Medal

Amanda Savard (Women 65 kg) Gold Medal

Aly Barghout (Men 125 kg) Gold Medal

Montreal Wrestling Club/NTC

Gabriel Choueke (Men 57 kg) Bronze Medal

Tamim Ferdausi (Men 61 kg) 4th place

Jason Luneau (Men 65 kg) Gold Medal

Caleb Rutner (Men 72 kg) Bronze Medal

Guseyn Ruslanzada (Men 76 kg) Gold Medal

Jeremy Poirier (Men 100 kg) Silver Medal

Jeremy Poirier take a single leg

Vanier College

Alexia Sherland (Women 68 kg) Silver Medal

Laurence Beauregard with the win over McMaster