Montreal, February 22nd, 2021 – Representatives of six combat sports federations (boxing, judo, karate, kick-boxing, wrestling and taekwondo) welcome Quebec’s intentions to relaxed Covid-19 measures after the spring break but they are asking government authorities to allow organized sports activities to restart no later than March 22nd 2021.

Statement of the spokesperson for the combat sports group in support of this request:

“Our federations allow young athletes to enjoy sports activities in a safe and controlled environment. We have worked to develop risk management plans to minimize the possibilities of spreading the virus. Protocols proposed by combat sports federations, like all sports federations for that matter, include, among other things, measures to ensure that no gatherings are held before, during or after sport activities unfold.

It seems important to point out that, as reported in the media, the data from the Quebec health ministry identified 44 cases of COVID outbreak associated with sports activities against 4 863 in workplaces from September to February. These numbers clearly show that sports have a low risk of spreading the virus. Furthermore, federations offer young people the opportunity to enjoy sports in a supervised and safe environment.

March 22nd seems to be the right time to restart activities by federated sports since it is two weeks after spring break. The immediate effects of school break should be mitigated fourteen days later, which is why we believe that by that time federated sport should be able to resume its activities with the application of safety measures protecting all its members.

As stakeholders in the Quebec sports system, we consider it essential to initiate the reinstatement of organized sports activities to preserve the mental health of young people. The isolation and distress they experience are becoming increasingly problematic and could have serious consequences.

We therefore believe in acting quickly for their well-being. In this pandemic period, we will be ready to provide secure settings to restart sports activities no later than of March 22nd ” explained Patrick Kearney, president of Judo Quebec and spokesperson for combat sports federations.