After a two year absence, the GMAA-RSEQ Wrestling Championships were held on Saturday, March 26th at École Secondaire P.G Ostiguy. As the previous league champions, the P.G.O held a great tournament, complete with some showmanship for the Gold Medal matches normally reserved for major international events.

What a great way to kick off the Gold matches!

The though small in numbers, the wrestling was intense, as École Secondaire P.G Ostiguy narrowly beat Selwyn House by two points with a total team score of 46 points to repeat as Champions! Loyola High School would round out the top three with a point total of 37 points

After two years, it was good to see the return of high school wrestling

The Officials Table

Loyola vs. Heritage

Going for the pin

A great exhibition match to finish off the tournament 


Boys 84-87 lbs

Boys 92-95 lbs

Boys 116-119 lbs

Boys 123-126 lbs

Boys 129-132 lbs

Boys 135-138 lbs

Boys 142-145 lbs

Boys 150-153 lbs

Boys 160-163 lbs

Boys 172-175 lbs

Boys 186-189 lbs

Boys HWT

Girls 116-119 lbs

Girls 142-145 lbs

Girls 207-210 lbs

Girls HWT

Final Team Results