This weekend saw a flurry of tournaments as both the high school athletes and the varsity athletes took part in competitions this weekend. The Bishop Ryan Early Bird tournament was held on Friday, November the 18th in Hamilton, Ontario while the York Invitational was held on Sunday November 21st in Toronto at York University.

Quebec athletes getting some instructions from the coaching staff

The Quebec Clubs that took part in the competitions this weekend were Concordia University, Heritage Regional High school, Loyola High School, the Montreal Wrestling Club NTC, the Patriotes de St-Cesaire, Triton Performance Wrestling Club and Vanier College.

The Bishop Ryan Early Bird

The results from the Bishop Ryan Early Bird Tournament were very strong as every athlete who competed came back with a medal. The results were as follows:

Heritage Regional High School

Girls 72-77 kg Beatrice Galaise Silver Medal

Open Boys 61 kg Cruz Lewis Silver Medal

Loyola High School

Rookie Boys 77-84 kg Anthony Campione Gold Medal

Rookie Boys 60-61 kg Ethan Rooney Silver Medal

Ethan Rooney gets some advice from Martine Dugrenier between rounds

Montreal Wrestling Club NTC

Girls 67-71 kg Giuliana Iannuzzi Gold Medal

Giuliana Iannuzzi goes for the pin

And then receives some feedback from the corner

Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Open Boys 54 kg Jacob Jutras Gold Medal

Girls 67-71 Rose Lacoste Silver Medal

Vanier College

Open Boys 57.5 kg Abdulla Merhaydar Silver Medal

Open Boys 61 kg Logan Suh Gold Medal

Open Boys 77 kg Connor Rooney Bronze Medal

Connor Rooney gets some words of wisdom from Coach Victor Zilberman

Team Quebec sporting their medals

Congratulations to our Quebec athletes that wrestled at the Bishop Ryan Early Bird and a special thanks to Julie Balderston-Rooney for taking the excellent photos.

The York Open

The York Open was held on Sunday November 20th in Toronto Ontario. Quebec athletes once again were well represented as Concordia University, The Montreal Wrestling Club NTC, Triton Performance Wrestling Club and Vanier College all sent athletes.

The tournament had many athletes competing across the various weight divisions. The results for our Quebec athletes were the following:

Concordia University

Women 56 kg Virginie Gascon Gold Medal

Women 59 kg Sophia Bechard 4th place

Women 63 kg Laurence Beauregard Gold Medal

Women 76 kg Alexia Sherland Silver Medal

Men 76 Kg Connor Church Gold Medal

Men 90 kg Jeremy Poirier 6th place

Montreal Wrestling Club NTC

Men 65 kg Jason Luneau Silver Medal

Men 100 kg Riley Otto Gold Medal

Triton Performance Wrestling Club 

Men 61 kg Omar Chammaa DNP

Vanier College

Men 72 kg Yann Heymug Bronze Medal

Congratulations to our senior athletes who competed at this weekend’s tournament in Toronto. You make us proud!