Royalvale School, located in NDG, Montreal welcomed wrestling into its Physical Education Classes for the first time ever in their history. Thanks to the efforts of Vice Principal Mr. Spetsieris and Phys-Ed Teacher Mr. Amran, Royalvale opened their doors to coaches Gia Sissaouri and Gabriel Choueke along with some other guest clinicians.

The mats are ready!

The clinics would go on for two weeks, giving each Physical Education classes two opportunities to try the sport. This would allow coach Gia and Gabriel to give them different drills and techniques during this time. These clinics are being held with a dual purpose, of both promoting the sport of wrestling in the province of Quebec and with the goal of fielding a team in the GMAA/RSEQ for the upcoming 2022-23 season.

The students are introduced to the clinicians

In addition to this, any school who’s interested in getting a clinic started, both to promote the sport of wrestling and with an interest in starting a team, need only to contact the following person to arrange a clinic.

FLOQ Coordinator Noel Tremblay


Coach Gia leads the warm up