The Canadian Olympic Committee has been running Team Operations Preparation Seminars the year leading into the Olympics for the past number of Games. The purpose of these seminars was to get mass amounts of logistical information out to the Olympic team, while also allowing all members of the team to meet and collaborate. Through annual feedback, High Performance Directors and coaches in all sports across the country have expressed considerable benefit from these seminars to their performances.

Holding our National Team testing and education sessions in conjunction with a National Team training camp (normally at Canada Cup) has posed some difficulties. Generally athletes are so focused on their mat training that they have little energy left to be fully present for our off-mat sessions.

Additionally, in our High Performance Review, following the 2012 Olympic Games, gaps in our monitoring and profiling were identified by our coaches, support staff and partners.

Following this High Performance Review, and in collaboration with Own the Podium, the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Canadian Sport Centres, we have established what we believe will be a “difference-maker” for Wrestling Canada moving forward.

A wide variety of educational sessions will be provided, including; competition program, media training, self-marking, and CCES anti-doping. Other sessions will include broad range, baseline testing, which will allow us to monitor growth, make educated changes to training programs, and develop statistical data and parameter regarding our sport.