The New Year continued on as more tournaments were contested and athletes at the various levels would use these matches to prepare for the upcoming competitions, the National Championships and U-Sport National Championships. This weekend saw athletes from many clubs and many age groups compete at the Elite XC tournament in Cambridge Ontario and the Guelph Open, held in Guelph Ontario.

On Saturday, January 21, Concordia University, Heritage Regional High School, The Montreal Wrestling Club, the Patriotes de St-Cesaire and Vanier College all sent wrestlers aged Bantam to U23 to the Elite XC tournament. The results were as follows:

Concordia University

U23 Men 70 kg: Liam Menard Silver Medal

U23 Men 79 kg: Connor Church Gold Medal

Heritage Regional High School

Open Boys 60-64 kg: Cruz Lewis Gold Medal

Montreal Wrestling Club

Open Girls 47-52 kg: Madison Chalton Silver Medal

Open Girls 64-65- kg: Giuliana Iannuzzi Gold Medal

A coachable moment

Patriotes de St-Cesaire

Bantam Boys 40-42 kg: Loïc Rainville Silver Medal

Open Boys 55-57 kg: Jacob Jutras Gold Medal

Open Boys 60-64 kg: Josué Daigneault Aguilar 5th place

Open Boys 65-69 kg: Exaucé Luhungi Mondo 4th place

Open Boys 72-75 kg: Nathan Rainville Gold Medal

Open Boys 72-75 kg: Andrew Blais 5th place

Open Girls 47-52 kg: Malyka Hotte 4th place

Open Girls 47-52 kg: Laurie Bourgault 5th place

Open Girls 64-65- kg: Rose Forgues Silver Medal

Open Girls 67-70- kg: Rose Lacoste Gold Medal

Vanier College

Open Boys 60-64 kg: Logan Suh Silver Medal

Congratulations to our younger athletes for their fine performances this weekend!

A podium moment at 64-65 kg Girls

Guelph Open

The Guelph Open was held at Guelph University on Sunday January 22nd. The only tournament held out east for athletes looking for Carding points, the Guelph Open attracts athletes from all over the country, giving it the well deserved reputation of being a “mini” Senior National Championships.

Quebec was once again well represented at the competition as a large number of clubs made their way down to the tournament. CLIC, Concordia University, the Montreal Wrestling Club and Triton Top Team Performance Wrestling club all sent athletes and the the results were the following:

Concordia University

Women 62 kg: Laurence Beauregard Gold Medal

Men 86 kg: Alex Moore Gold Medal

Men 92 kg: Jeremy Poirier Gold Medal

Montreal Wrestling Club

Women 50 kg: Jade Dufour 6th place

Men 65 kg: Jason Luneau Gold Medal 

Men 74 kg: Stone Lewis Silver Medal

Triton Top Team Performance

Men 57 kg: Kanerahtens Bush 5th place

Men 70 kg: Renan Puglia 4th place

Men 86 kg: Maxim Cote 4th place

Men 86 kg:Jeremie Blain 6th place

Men 92 kg: Xavier Lauzon Silver Medal

Overall, another successful weekend for Quebec wrestling. As we move closer and closer to the end of the season, results like these are very encouraging as our athletes in Quebec strive to improve on the national and International stage.