The U15-U17-U19 National Championships

The weekend of wrestling in Vancouver British Columbia concluded and Quebec athletes competed across multiple divisions with some great results. CLIC, Kanienkehaka Tehontatie:nas Mohawk Wrestling Club, Montreal Wrestling Club NTC, les Patriotes de St-Cesaire and Tritton Perfomance Wrestling Club were the Quebec clubs that represented us at the National Championships. The results were as follows:

Kanienkehaka Tehontatie:nas Mohawk Wrestling Club
Name Division Placement
Tristan Sears U19 FS 55 kg 4th
Ava Hamelin U17 WW 90 kg Silver Medal


Montreal Wrestling Club NTC
Name Division Placement
Ryder Church U19 FS 60 kg 4th
Cruz Lewis U19 FS 65 kg Silver Medal
Beatrice Galaise U19 WW 73 kg Silver Medal


Patriotes de St-Cesaire
Name Division Placement
Loïc Rainville U15 FS 41 kg Bronze Medal
Jacob Jutras U19 FS 55 kg Bronze Medal
Nathan Rainville U19 FS 71 kg Gold Medal
Rose Lacoste U19 WW 69 kg 4th


Tritton Perfomance Wrestling Club
Name Division Placement
Emma Tritton U15 WW 54 kg Silver Medal
Emma Tritton U15 WW GR 54 kg Gold Medal
Adam Mazri U17 GR 60 kg 6th
Suhhyun Choi
U19 GR 80 kg 5th

Congratulations to all our athletes on performing at such a difficult competition!

The Urban Games

The Urban Games took place on Saturday March 25th at the Eaton Centre in Downtown Montreal. Hosted by George St-Pierre and James Mancini, the event demonstrated various combat sports, of which wrestling was featured. Six athletes from the Montreal Wrestling Club NTC (Stone Lewis, Connor Church, Laurence Beauregard, Virginie Gascon, Jason Luneau and Alex Moore) were on hand to assist with the event with the event which was a continuation from the event held in 2019 on Crescent Street.