The 2023 GMAA/RSEQ Wrestling Finals were held on Thursday February 16th at Howard S. Billings High School. Twelve schools for the boys side and eight schools for the girls side, in total converged on the finals, making it the largest finals, as far a school participation, in a long time.

The league was split into two conferences which was a first in a long time as six on-island schools and six off-island schools were in attendance. The on-island schools consisted of the following:

All the athletes gathered for a clinic run by 2001 World Champion Gia Sissaouri

Beurling Academy (BA)

John Rennie High School (JRHS)

Loyola High School (LOY)

Selwyn House School (SHS)

Royal Vale High School (RVHS)

Royal West Academy (RWA)

The medal winners at 119 lbs

The the off-island conference consisted of the following schools:

École Secondaire P.G. Ostiguy (ESPGO)

Heritage Regional High School (HRHS)

Howard S. Billings High School (HSBHS)

Kahnawake Survival School (KSS)

Massey Vanier High School (MVHS)

Westwood High School (WWHS)

The medal winners at 138 lbs

The tournament featured some great matches, with athletes who have medalled and participated at National Championships and Canada Games in attendance.

The final results for the boys were as follows:

Weight Gold  Silver  Bronze
79 lbs Ethan Grimard WWHS Tyler Deshaies WWHS Thomas Deer KSS
95 lbs Oscar Ricketts LOY Justin Messier ESPGO Wally Huang BA
103 lbs Bilal Muhammad BA Landen Walker MVHS
111 lbs Harry Ma SHS Devin Hubbard BA Kallen Stacey LOY
119 lbs Jake Bencherrit SHS David Anastasiasdes RVHS Ryan Tyndall JRHS
126 lbs Jacob Jutras ESPGO Kenneth Dickson WWHS Matthew Dennis SHS
132 lbs Tristan Sears HSBHS Adriano Arcaro LOY Miguel Zecius MVHS
138 lbs Cruz Lewis HRHS Ethan Rooney LOY Josué Daigneault-Aguilar ESPGO
145 lbs Justin Khairy LOY Micheal Deer HSBHS Asa Voshurgh MVHS
153 lbs Bryce Rooney LOY Gabriel Ouellette-Whell HSBHS Thomas Vinh SHS
163 lbs Charles Seitz SHS Nicholas Elliott HSBHS Alessandro Giordano LOY
175 lbs Brent Suter RWA Andrew Blais ESPGO Drake Ahmad Gray HSBHS
189 lbs Preston Gibb BA Rocco Ramadori LOY Charlie Divita HSBHS
210 lbs  Tiago Alvez JRHS Anthony Campione LOY Ianni Kalliabetsos SHS
HWT Matisse Brosseau SHS Noah Mccallum MVHS Deyogawehe Horne KSS

Beurling Academy vs. KSS

The results for the girls were the following:

Weight Gold  Silver  Bronze
95 lbs Jade Clement HSBHS
111 lbs Layla Phillbert BA Laurie Bourgault ESPGO Lia Bear KSS
126 lbs Tiohahison Splicer KSS Mariah Senkerik MVHS Meaghan Clement HSBS
132 lbs Chloe Morton HSBHS Ayesha Sayed RWA Carmen Stacey HSBHS
138 lbs
Anisha Dickson WWHS Roseanna Mccallum MVHS
145 lbs Rose Forgues ESPGO
163 lbs Beatrice Turner-Galaise HRHS Mirja Brunk MVHS Charm Goodleaf KSS
189 lbs Alexandra Gendron MVHS
HWT Elina Garon MVHS

The Outstanding Wrestler for the Boys was Cruz Lewis from Heritage Regional High School while for the Girls, Beatrice Galaise, also from Heritage Regional High School won the award for the Girls. For the Team Championships, Loyola was crowned the champions for the Boys while Massey Vanier High School were named as champions for the Girls. Congratulations to both schools on their victory!

The medal winners at 153 lbs

Here are the final Team Results:

Place  Boys Points Place Girls Points
1 Loyola High School 63 1 Massey Vanier High School  20
2 Selwyn House School 56 2 Howard S. Billings High School 13
3 Howard S. Billings High School 44 3 Kahnawake Survival School 11
4 Beurling Academy 26 4 Heritage Regional High School 9
5 Westwood High School 19 5 Beurling Academy 5
6 École Secondaire P.G. Ostiguy 18 6 Westwood High School 4
6 Massey Vanier High School 18 7 École Secondaire P.G. Ostiguy 3
6 Royal West Academy 18 7 Royal West Academy 3
7 John Rennie High School 13  
8 Royal Vale High School 11  
9 Heritage Regional High School 10  
9 Kahnawake Survival School 10  

The medal winners at 175 lbs

All in all, the tournament was a success as the quality of wrestling slowly returns to its previous state. Hopefully, after this championships, the sport will continue to grow and the finals will be even bigger than it was before the pandemic. A special thanks has to go to Howard S. Billings along with Coach Peter Montour for hosting a fantastic event. Now, on to the Provincials!