The weekend of December 8th to the 10th saw the two pre-eminent high school tournaments in the country. The Bishop Ryan Invitational, held on Friday December the 8th and the Matmen Invitational, held on December 9th and the 10th saw competitors from all over the country as wrestlers from British Columbia, Alberta, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and of course, Quebec were in attendance.

Charlie Di Vita receives some instructions from Coach Gabriel Choueke

The Bishop Ryan Invitational

Montreal NTC Vanier and the Tritton Performance Wrestling Club were the Quebec clubs in attendance at the Bishop Ryan Invitational, competing in a very strong field of wrestlers which had some of the largest brackets that have been seen in a long time. The results were as follows:

Abdoulla Merharydar with the double leg

Montreal NTC Vanier
Name Weight Placement
Abdoulla Merharydar
HS Men 61 kg 3rd
Tristan Sears HS Men 61 kg DNP
Cruz Lewis HS Men 64 kg 2nd
Bryce Rooney HS Men 72 kg 2nd
Alessandro Giordano HS Men 77 kg DNP
Charles Anthony Di Vita HS Men 89 kg 5th
Rose Lacoste HS Women 67.5 kg 3rd
Tritton Performance Wrestling Club
Name Weight Placement
Grayden Diome
HS Men 38 kg 1st
Sami Habib
HS Men 64 kg 4th
Noah Zigby
HS Men 72 kg DNP
Suhhyn Choi
HS Men 77kg DNP
Timo Letomit
HS Men 77 kg 2nd
Farouk Shahid
HS Men 83 kg DNP
Lucas Macdonald
HS Men 89 kg 2nd
Claire Diome
HS Women 44 kg 3rd
Emma Tritton HS Women 54 kg 2nd

Cruz Lewis goes for the pin

Congratulations to our Quebec athletes throughout the course of this very tough tournament!