Whenever someone who has paved the way for wrestling in the province Quebec, it’s important to recognize  their contribution to the sport as it paved the way for where we are today. On Thursday, October 12th, the Montreal Wrestling Club NTC received a visitor from British Columbia.

Coach Moore gets some words of wisdom from Norm Goldstein (center)

Norm Goldstein, a businessman and former Y member, was the son of one the original wrestlers for the YM-YWHA who competed in the 1930s. Norm’s father was a National Champion and fought for Canada in the Second World War. Approximately one year ago, Norm returned to Montreal with a plaque that his father had received for winning the YMHA Invitational tournament. This plaque currently hangs on the wall at the George Reinitz Wrestling Centre.

The plaque

Norm would come to visit the practice with his wife Rivian to tell stories of his father’s time in wrestling, his experienced in the Second World War and being a member of the YMHA.  He also told stories of what being a wrestler meant to him. The wrestlers and coaches in attendance were all in awe as the past was brought to life and even club sponsor George Reinitz remembered him coming to watch the practices at the Y in the 1950s.

Coach Moore and Coach Zilberman pose for a picture while the action is going on

Oftentimes, we tend to forget the contributions of the past as it’s not always in front of us. We take for granted things that we have and never stop to think twice about it. Seeing someone that contributed to that legacy helps us remember and honour the past and shapes the way we move forward.

Athletes and coaches pose for a photo with Norm and his wife