The annual GMAA/RSEQ All-Star Wrestling Meet was held on Thursday February 8th at John Rennie High School in Point-Claire. Athletes from both conferences, On-Island and Off-Island competed against each other for both the Boys and the Girls categories. The All-Star Meet is a showcase that began in 1993 and has continued on till this day as a way of having the best athletes in the GMAA compete against each other in a competition to highlight the league’s best.

Beurling Academy had a great outing at the All-Star Meet

Royal West Academy vs. KSS

The results for the Girls league were extremely competitive as the spectators at John Rennie High School were treated to some entertaining matches. The results for the Girls were as follows:

On-Island Conference Off-Island Conference
Weight Name Weight Name  Result
111 lbs Charlie Wylie (RWA) 111 lbs Laurie Borgault (ESPGO) Borgault (10-0)
119 lbs Lia Bear (KSS) 119 lbs Bear (Forf)
126 lbs Jayden Gillete (BEUR) 126 lbs Storm Lahache (HSBHS) Gillette (7-0)
132 lbs Amber Charette (HSBHS) 132 lbs Alexia Frate (HSBHS) Charette (Pin)
145 lbs Malak Azar (RVHS) 145 lbs Jade Letham (HSBHS) Letham (Pin)
163 lbs Emma Proulx-Olson (JRHS) 163 lbs Evelyn Fuller (HSBHS) Proulx-Olson (Pin)
189 lbs Ava Hamelin (KSS) 189 lbs Joey Parsons (HSBHS) Hamelin (Pin)
Final Score: On-Island 30                 Off-Island 10

An all Howard S. Billings matchup at 132 lbs

For the boys, there were many matches that either were big upsets or were extremely entertaining. This would seem to indicate that we’re in for an extremely exciting finals. The results were the following:

Exaucé Luhungi Mondo goes for the pin

On-Island Conference Off-Island Conference
Weight Name Weight Name  Result
87 lbs Gabriel Lazanis (SHS) 87 lbs Lazanis (Forf)
95 lbs Nicholas Clark (RWA) 95 lbs Rakehnhktha Polson Lahache (KSS) Clark (7-5)
103 lbs Jacob Azam (PCHS) 103 lbs Kaleb Maoon (HSBHS) Azam (Pin)
111 lbs Muhammad Bilal (BEUR) 111 lbs Emile Twikowski (HRHS) Bilal (10-0)
119 lbs Filipo Navarra (LOY) 119 lbs Emilio Perez (HSBHS) Perez (Pin)
126 lbs Alexandre Bhanji (RWA) 126 lbs Dylan Thauvette (HSBHS) Thauvette (Pin)
132 lbs Ibrahim Azar (RVHS) 132 lbs Yuan Deluao (RWA) Deluao (Pin)
138 lbs Seifeldeen Saad (PCHS) 138 lbs Arron Abrue (HSBHS) Saad (11-0)
145 lbs Owen Rooney (LOY) 145 lbs Michael Deere (HSBHS) Rooney (11-0)
153 lbs Adriano Arcaro (LOY) 153 lbs Nicholas Elliot (HSBHS) Elliot (9-2)
163 lbs Thomas Vinh (SHS) 163 lbs Exaucé Luhungi Mondo (ESPGO) Luhungi Mondo (Pin)
175 lbs Ryan Harper (JRHS) 175 lbs Drake Ahmad Grey (HSBHS) Ahmad Grey (Pin)
189 lbs Hashim Dar (PCHS) 189 lbs Andrew Blais (ESPGO) Blais (11-0)
210 lbs Tiago Alvez (JRHS) 210 lbs Alexis Orgeta Crudo (HSBS) Alvez (Pin)
HWT Volkan Tienogollu (VMC) HWT Sidney Howshowtuik (HSBHS)  Tienogollu (Pin)
Final Score: On-Island 45                 Off-Island 30

Alvez with the hipsag

In the end, the On-Island Conferences won the meet for both the boys and the girls. The real winners are the athletes who were selected to compete as each one represented their school with courage and dedication. Now, on the Finals!

Team Royal West Academy also a had some good results from the meet

School Abbreviation
Beurling Academy BEUR
École Secondaire P.G. Ostiguy ESPGO
Heritage Regional High School HRHS
Howard S. Billings High School HSBHS
John Rennie High School JRHS
Kahnawake Survival School KSS
Loyola High School LOY
Royal Vale High School RVHS
Royal West Academy RWA
Selwyn House School SHS
Vincent Massey Collegiate VMC