The 2023 Concordia Invitational took place on Sunday November 5th at Concordia’s Loyola Campus. The second tournament on the University Circuit, the Concordia Invitational would welcome clubs from Ontario, New Brunswick and New York. Quebec Clubs would be well represented with CLIC, Concordia University, Montreal Wrestling Club NTC, Thailong Wrestling Club, the Triton Performance Wrestling Club, the Vanier Wrestling Club as well as a host of other Quebec clubs who were new to the scene.

Alex Moore

Amanda Savard

Sophia Bechard

The tournament featured some exciting and competitive matches, with our Quebec clubs coming out ahead more often than not.

For the results on the tournament, click on the links below:

57 kg 61 kg 65 kg 68 kg 72 kg 76 kg 82 kg 90 kg 100 kg 125 kg
50 kg 53 kg 56 kg 59 kg 62 kg 68 kg 83 kg

Alexia Sherland

Laurence Lescadre

Madison Charlton

Congratulations to all our participants from Quebec who took part in the tournament!

Yann Heymug