Quebec Wrestlers were in action again on Saturday, July the 2nd in Summerside PEI as the Canada Cup was held for the first time in three years.

The International Event had some modest participation from other countries as Jamaica and South Korean athletes flocked to the event.

Jade Dufour vs. Grace Lew

Linda Morais (Montreal Wrestling Club NTC) wrestling at 68 kg while Jade Dufour (Montreal Wrestling Club NTC), wrestling at 53 kg, would complete the Women competing for Quebec while Vincent De Marinis (70 kg) and Guseyn Ruslanzada (74 kg), both competing for the Montreal Wrestling Club NTC would compete in the Men’s division.

Final results were as follows:

53 kg: Jade Dufour Gold Medal

68 kg: Linda Morais Gold Medal

70 kg: Vincent De Marinis Bronze Medal

74 kg: Guseyn Ruslanzada Gold Medal

Congratulations to our Quebec wrestlers for their strong performances this weekend!