The 2023-24 University season kicked off with the McMaster Invitational on Sunday October 29th, held at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario. Quebec had a strong group going as athletes from CLIC, Concordia University and the Montreal Wrestling Club NTC sent athletes to the tournament. The results were as follows:

Name Weight Category Ranking
Youcef Amellal
72 kg DNP
Nazim Bouneder 82 kg DNP
Bilel Maghfoudi 100kg INJ
Concordia University
Name Weight Category Ranking
Sophia Bechard 59 kg Women 3rd
Liam Menard 68 kg DNP
Montreal Wrestling Club NTC
Name Weight Category Ranking
Laurence Beauregard 59 kg Women 2nd
Frederique Choquette 100 kg 1st
Jade Dufour 53 kg Women 1st
Yann Heymug 72 kg 1st
Mohamed Hozayen 76 kg 1st
Alex Moore 90 kg 1st
Linda Morais 68 kg Women 1st
Riley Otto 100 kg 2nd
Amanda Savard 68 kg Women 2nd

Congratulations to our Quebec athletes to a successful start to the season! Next up, the Concordia Invitational.

Members of the Montreal Wrestling Club NTC pose for a photo