On Friday, May 20th, Olympic Silver Medalist and World Champion Gia Sissaouri brought his medals for students to see at Royalvale School. This marked the end of two weeks of wrestling clinics, designated to promote the sport of wrestling in the province of Quebec.

Students pose with Coach Gia’s medals

Coaches Gia and Gabriel lead the warm up

The clinics were held during the periods where Royalvale had their physical education classes and could not have happened without the support of the school, administrators and the teachers.

Students practice their technique

Coaches Gia and Gabriel with the hardware

If your school would like a wrestling clinic, whether for the purpose of starting a program or for something new in your physical education classes, you may contact the FLOQ Coordinator, Noel Tremblay at the following email (coord@floq.ca) to book your clinic.

Students and staff enjoyed the clinic