The Guelph Open took place at Guelph University on Sunday January 21st at Guelph University in Guelph, Ontario. Quebec athletes were well represented as CLIC, Montreal Wrestling Club NTC and Tritton Performance Wrestling Club sent athletes to the competition. Guelph remains the only tournament on this side of the country where athletes can obtain carding points to help out with their funding. As a result, the tournament attracts many of the top athletes from across the country and even wrestlers from the United States. The results for the tournament were the following:

Guelph always boasts a packed venue

Name Weight Final Placement
Christoper Merlo Men 61 kg 2nd
Azou Cherik
Men 65 kg DNP
Youcef Amellal Men 70 kg DNP
Nazim Boudeder Men 86 kg 4th
Bilel Mahfoudi Men 97 kg DNP
Laurence Lescadre Women 55 kg 6th
Montreal Wrestling Club NTC
Name Weight Final Placement
Jason Luneau
Men 65 kg 1st
Mohamed Hozayen Men 74 kg 2nd
Frederick Choquette Men 97 kg 2nd
Jade Dufour Women 50 kg 1st
Laurence Beauregard Women 57 kg 2nd
Tritton Performance Wrestling Club
Name Weight Final Placement
Kanerahtens Bush
Men 57 kg 6th

Members of the Montreal Wrestling Club NTC

Congratulations to all our athletes for their competitive results this past weekend!