The Norm Bujold Rumble was held on Saturday February 10 in Renfrew Ontario. Quebec clubs were in attendance as the Club de Lutte Lasalle, the Crazy Dogs, Kahnawake Survival School, the Patriotes de St-Cesaire, the Riverdale Wrestling Club and the Tritton Performance Wrestling Club all sent wrestlers to the tournament. The Norm Bujold Rumble has long been a mainstay of the local tournament scene and always produces strong matches. the results for each club were as follows:

Club de Lutte Lasalle
Name  Category Result
Devin Martella
Novice Boys 39-40 kg 3rd
Jayce Telfer Novice Boys 55.5 kg 1st
Anderson Advincula Kids Boys 42-44 kg 3rd
Jaxen Telfer
Kids Boys 42-44 kg 4th
Harry Bender Juvenile Boys 89-95 kg 2nd

Andrew Blais

Crazy Dogs
Name  Category Result
Leonid Kutsenog-Russo
Tyke Boys 27-29 kg 1st
Keyra Munoz-Tessier Tyke Girls 21-24 kg 1st
Logan Munoz-Tessier Novice Boys 25-27 kg 4th
Keyra Munoz-Tessier Novice Girls 21-24 kg 1st
Logan Munoz-Tessier Kids Boys 25.4-25.9 kg 1st
Ali Bouabil
Kids Boys 45-46 kg 2nd
Aymen Chafik Cadet Boys 51 kg 1st
Abdelouahab Benaiss Cadet Boys 61 kg 4th
Luca Mainville-Reid Cadet Boys 64-67.5 kg 2nd
Logan Abell Cadet Boys 72 kg 2nd
Adam-Zakaria Delimi Juvenile Boys 65-67.5 kg 1st
Benwige Simon-Regis
Juvenile Boys 72-77 kg 2nd
Dwayne Paul
Juvenile Boys 72-77 kg 3rd
Boudjemaa Maziani Juvenile Boys 83 kg 2nd
Abdelatif Abchiche
Juvenile Boys 89-95 kg 3rd

Josue Daigneault Aguilar

Kahnawake Survival School
Name  Category Result
Rakehnhoktha Polson-Lahache Bantam Boys 40-43 kg 3rd
Atiewatonini Homer Bantam Boys 40-43 kg 5th
Max Cross Bantam Boys 69-70 2nd
Ken`nikahrha:sa Cross Cadet Boys 54 kg 1st
Eddie Phillips-Two-Rivers Juvenile Boys 61 kg 3rd
Matthew Leblanc
Juvenile Boys 115 kg DNP

Laurie Bourgault

Patriotes de St-Cesaire
Name  Category Result
Elliot Bouchard Bantam Boys 40-43 kg 6th
Maely Rainville Bantam Girls 38.2 kg 1st
Laurie Bourgault
Bantam Girls 46-49 kg 1st
Josue Daigneault Aguilar Cadet Boys 64-67.5 kg 1st
Exauce Luhungi Mondo Cadet Boys 77 kg 1st
Remi Rodrigue Savoie
Cadet Boys 115 kg 1st
Laurie Bourgault Cadet Girls 51 kg 1st
Andrew Blais
Juvenile Boys 83 kg 1st
Remi Rodrigue Savoie Juvenile Boys 115 kg DNP
Laurie Bourgault Juvenile Girls 51 kg 1st


Riverdale Wrestling Club
Name  Category Result
Adam Zit Tyke Boys 22.9-24 kg 1st
Jordan Azam Tyke Boys 42.5 kg 1st
Rayan Zit
Novice Boys 29-30 kg 1st
Jacob Azam Bantam Boys 45 kg 1st
Pakal Meza Bantam Boys 45 kg 2nd
Liam Vanvlaenderen Bantam Boys 63-65 kg 1st
Oscar Negard Bantam Boys 69-70 kg 1st
Ahmed Ali
Bantam Boys 84 kg 1st
Joy Sepieh Bantam Girls 47 kg DNP
Seifeldeen Saad Cadet Boys 61 kg 3rd
Magnus Negard
Cadet Boys 77 kg 3rd
Kenny Dickson Juvenile Boys 61 kg 1st

The Patriotes de St-Cesaire enjoy their victories in Renfrew

Tritton Performance Wrestling Club
Name  Category Result
Shiraz Zafari Cadet Boys 61 kg 1st
Farouk Shahid
Cadet Boys 77 kg 2nd
Farsad Alamtsaz Cadet Boys 95 kg 1st
Noah Zigby Juvenile Boys 72-77 kg 1st

Congratulations to our Quebec athletes on yet another strong outing at another tournament.