On the weekend of December 14th, several Quebec Clubs took part in the annual Bishop Ryan and Matmen Tournaments. These two competitions represent the toughest high school tournaments for Quebec and Ontario and many of our local clubs took advantage as the Mohawk Wrestling Club, the Montreal Wrestling Club/NTC, les Patriotes de St-Cesaire and the Riverdale Wrestling Club took part in the tournament with some excellent results. Congratulations to all our Quebec athletes who competed!

Bishop Ryan

Montreal Wrestling Club/NTC

Jason Luneau (65 kg Open) Gold Medal

Stone Lewis (68 kg Open) Gold Medal

Jason Luneau with the win


Matmen Invitational

Montreal Wrestling Club/NTC

Jason Luneau (65 kg Open) Gold Medal

Stone Lewis (72 kg Open) Gold Medal

Stone Lewis takes his opponent down

Mohawk Wrestling Club

Madison Montour (100 kg Cadet) Silver Medal

Riverdale Wresting Club

Gold Medal

Zchuchen Yu
Wesley Ng
Alisha Dickson

Silver Medal

Will Easterbrook

Kaylie Shiwprasad

Kenneth Dickson

Bronze Medal

Jacob Azam
Liam Vanvlaenderen
James Sepieh
Oscar Negard
Magnus Negard

Joy Sepieh
Hunter Rubin

The Riverdale Wrestling Club with their medals