The 2022 wrestling season ended with a bang as a large group of Quebec athletes headed to Ontario to compete in a host of tournaments. The Bishop Ryan Invitational, the 8th Annual CK Invitational Tournament and the Matmen Classic were all held this weekend as athletes from CLIC, Concordia University, LES Crazy Dogs, the Mohawk Wrestling Club/HSB, the Montreal Wrestling Club, the Patriotes de St-Cesaire, Triton Performance Wrestling Club, Vanier College and the YMHA all competed at the competitions this weekend.

The Bishop Ryan Invitational

The Bishop Ryan Invitational was held in Hamilton Ontario on Friday December 16th. Long been a mainstay of the Ontario High School wrestling scene, the tournament boasted five competition mat surfaces, with athletes coming from all over the country to compete. The Patriotes de St-Cesaire and Triton Performance Wrestling Club sent athletes and the results were as follows:

Patriotes de St-Cesaire:

54 kg Jacob Jutras Bronze Medal

72 kg Nathan Rainville Gold Medal

67.5 kg Rose Lacoste Gold Medal

Triton Performance Wrestling Club:

95 kg Xavier Lauzon Gold Medal

8th Annual CK Invitational Tournament

The CK Invitational Tournament made a return to the competition scene and also boasted a strong group of competitors. Held also on Friday December 16th, athletes from the Patriotes de St-Cesaire and Vanier College were sent to compete at the tournament.

Lots of athletes were in attendance

Patriotes de St-Cesaire:

47.5 kg Laurie Bourgault 4th place
64 kg Rose Forgues Gold Medal
61 kg Josué Daigneault Aguilar Silver Medal
65 kg Exaucé Luhungi Mondo Silver Medal
Rose Forgues with the fireman

Vanier College:

57.5 kg Abdoulla Merhaydar Gold Medal

61 kg Logan Suh Silver Medal

61 kg Ryder Church 4th place

72 kg David Ballard Silver Medal

77 kg Connor Rooney Gold Medal

Ryder Church and Logan Suh wrestle in their first match of the day

The Matmen Classic

The Matmen Classic is currently one of the strongest tournaments in Canada for high school athletes. Held over a two day period, the tournament featured athletes from many age groups which for the first time, included a U23 division. Athletes from CLIC, Concordia University, LES Crazy Dogs, the Mohawk Wrestling Club/HSB, the Montreal Wrestling Club, the Patriotes de St-Cesaire, the Riverdale Wrestling Club, Triton Performance Wrestling Club, Vanier College and the YMHA competed in this event and had great results on both days.

The venue was huge and well attended


Womens U19 57 kg Laurence Lescadre 6th place

Mens U19 45 kg Yassine Mahfoudi Silver Medal

Mens U19 60 kg Nicolas Lescadres 4th place

Mens Senior Takedown 74 kg Youcef Amellal Gold Medal

Mens Senior Rookie Takedown 81-87 kg Nazime Boundher Gold Medal

Jacob Jutras receives some advice from the corner

Concordia University:

Womens U23 57 kg Virginie Kaze-Gascon Gold Medal

Womens U23 59 kg Sophia Bechard Silver Medal

Mens U23 79 kg Connor Church Gold Medal

Sophia Bechard with the hipsag

Montreal Wrestling Club:

Womens U17 65 Kg Giuliana Iannuzzi Gold Medal

Mens U19 60 kg Ryder Church Silver Medal

Virginie Gascon with the double leg

Patriotes de St-Cesaire:

Kids Girls 29-30 kg Maély Rainville Gold Medal
Bantam Boys 37-39 kg Loic Rainville Gold Medal
Womens U17 49 kg Laurie Bourgault 5th place
Womens U17 49 kg Malyka Hotte 4th place
Womens U19 65 kg Rose Forgues Silver Medal
Womens U19 69 kg Rose Lacoste Silver Medal
Mens U19 55 kg Jacob Jutras 4th place
Mens U19 71 kg Nathan Rainville Gold Medal
Nathan Rainville with the attack

Riverdale Wrestling Club:

Tyke Boys 25 kg Rayan Zitto Bronze Medal

Tyke Boys 30.5-32 kg Jordan Azam 4th place

Novice Boys 26-26.5 kg Hunter Rubin Gold Medal

Novice Boys 34-35 kg Jimmy Sepieh Silver Medal

Kids Boys 24-26 kg Wesley Ng Silver Medal

Kids Boys 38-40 kg Jacob Azam Gold Medal

Kids Boys 55.5-57 kg Oscar Nergard Gold Medal

Kids Boys 60-62 kg Liam Vanvlaenderen Gold Medal

Kids Boys 71.5-74 kg Ahmed Ali Silver Medal

Bantam Girls 35-37 kg Joy Sepieh Gold Medal

Bantam Boys 64-67 kg Magnus Nergard Bronze Medal

Womens U17 65 kg Anisha Dickson Silver Medal 

Emma Tritton goes for the crossed ankles

Triton Performance Wrestling Club:

Bantam Girls 50-52 kg Emma Tritton Gold Medal

Mens Open Rookie 60 kg Adam Mazri Gold Medal

Mens Open Rookie 80 kg Timotei Cojocaru Gold Medal

Mens U17 60 kg Adam Mazri 6th place

Mens U23 97 kg Xavier Lauzon Silver Medal 

Mens Senior Takedown 64-68 kg Maxim Lefebvre-Sauve Gold Medal 

Mens Senior Takedown 77-79 kg Anderson Dessources Gold Medal

Mens Senior Takedown 88-93 kg William Lebrun Silver Medal 

Loic Rainville vs. Nizami Gurbanzade

Vanier College:

Men’s U23 74 kg Yann Heymug Gold Medal

Kemal Pasha Aliyev Quliyev goes for the pin


Bantam Boys 34 kg Mikael Kafarov Gold Medal

Bantam Boys 37-39 kg Nizami Gurbanzade Bronze Medal

Bantam Boys 42-45 kg Kemal Pasha Aliyev Quliyev  Silver Medal

For the final competitions of the year, Quebec wrestling was very well represented with major participation from many clubs. Our athletes did very well, facing some very tough competition and acquitted themselves well. Now, on to 2023!