This weekend saw three tournaments contested this weekend as Quebec athletes headed to Ontario and Pierrefonds. We would see the return of wrestling from the Riverdale Wrestling Club as the a series of matches and clinics were held at École Secondaire l’Altitude in Pierrefonds Quebec while on that that same day, the 2022 Ontario Seniors were held in St-Catherines Ontario, on Saturday November 26th. Sunday would see the Tri-City Tournament held in Guelph Ontario.

The Riverdale Clinic saw some great numbers

The Riverdale Clinic

At the Riverdale Clinic, the morning was devoted to a clinic run by coaches Noel Tremblay and Gia Sissaouri. Many clubs attended from across Quebec and Ottawa and all in all, it was a good showing as over a hundred and twenty wrestlers participated in the event.

Youth wrestlers get some advice from Noel Tremblay

Coach Gia Sissaouri gives his instructions as the athletes look on

Wrestlers of all ages get their instructions from the coach before their match

The second part of the clinic, held in the afternoon was devoted to exhibition matches. Athletes were paired by age and approximate weights and allowed to wrestle a full match. This turned out to be a valuable learning experience for many of the athletes as the majority of them were beginners while more experienced wrestlers also got to participate in the event for the first time

Matches were contested across all divisions

2022 Ontario Seniors

The 2022 Seniors would be a WCL Carding event. Athletes looking to get some carding points would have to compete at this event and obtain a result in order to qualify for carding. Four athletes from the Montreal Wrestling Club NTC competed at this event and the results were excellent as Stone Lewis (74 kg), Alex Moore (86 kg), Jade Dufour (50 kg) and Laurence Beauregard (62 kg) all captured Gold in their respective divisions.

The Tri-City Tournament

The Tri-City Tournament was held on the following day on Sunday November 27th in Guelph Ontario. Athletes from Heritage Regional High school and Concordia University all wrestled at the event. Wrestling for Heritage Regional High School at the 62-64 kg, Cruz Lewis would wrestle a strong tournament winning all of his matches, en-route to winning a Gold Medal while Beatrice Galaise, wrestling at the Women’s 67-71 kg division, would finish off with a Bronze Medal. Finally, Connor Church of Concordia University, competing at the 74-79 kg U23 Men’s division, would win both of his matches to finish off with a Gold Medal as well.

Congratulations to all our Quebec wrestlers and the Riverdale Wrestling Club for their successes this weekend.