Quebec athletes were back in action again this past weekend as they headed to the Maritimes to compete in a series of tournaments which consisted of UNB Open, the Eastern Canadian Championships and a high school tournament in New Brunswick. This weekend also saw the Ed Meagher tournament hosted by Loyola High school which saw participants from the GMAA/RSEQ come to compete in this annual event. For the tournaments in New Brunswick, athletes from Concordia University, Heritage Regional High School, Massey Vanier High School, the Montreal Wrestling Club, the Patriotes de St-Cesaire, Tritton Performance Wrestling Club and Vanier College all sent athletes for some of the largest tournaments in Eastern Canada.

ROAR on the River High School Open

A high school tournament held in New Brunswick, Tritton Performance Wrestling Club and Massey Vanier sent athletes to compete at the tournament. The results were as follows:

Massey Vanier

70 kg Boys Maxence Blanchard 4th place
105 kg Boys Noah MacCallum Bronze Medal

Tritton Performance Wrestling Club

51 kg Girls: Emma Tritton Gold Medal61 kg Boys: Adam Mazri Gold Medal75 kg Boys Timotei Cojocaru Gold Medal82 kg Boys Suhyun Choi 4th place

UNB Open

The University of New Brunswick played host to its annual Varsity Tournament on Saturday January 28th at the University of New Brunswick. Concordia University, the Montreal Wrestling Club, Triton Performance Wrestling Club and Vanier College sent athletes to the tournament and the results were as follows:

Concordia University

90 kg Men: Connor Curry 4th place

Montreal Wrestling Club

76 kg and 82 kg Men: Stone Lewis Gold Medals

100 kg Men: Frederique Choquette Gold Medal

Vanier College

72 kg Men: Yann Heymug Gold Medal

Triton Performance Wrestling Club57 kg Men: Kanerahtens Bush Gold Medal61 kg Men: Omar Chammaa Silver Medal68 kg Men: Maxim Lefebvre Sauve Bronze Medal76 kg Men: Anderson Dessources Bronze Medal90 kg Men: Xavier Lauzon Bronze Medal125 kg Men: Nick Cross Gold Medal67 kg Women: Stephanie Reid Silver Medal

The Ed Meagher Tournament

The Ed Meagher Tournament was hosted by Loyola High School on Saturday January 28th at Loyola high School. Schools from the GMAA/RSEQ were invited to compete at this annual event. The Ed Meagher tournament is Loyola’s multisport tournament, held annually and is a great midseason tournament for the participating schools.

Scenes from the officials table 

Coach Barghout and Referee Leboeuf

The Eastern Canadian Championships 

The Eastern Canadian Championships has traditionally been one of the major tournaments for athletes in the Maritimes and Quebec. Clubs from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Quebec all send competitors to the event which was also held at the University of New Brunswick on Sunday January 29th. Concordia University, Heritage Regional High School, Massey Vanier, the Montreal Wrestling Club, the Patriotes de St-Cesaire, Tritton Performance Wrestling Club and Vanier College sent athletes to the tournament.

Concordia University

59 kg U20 Women: Sophia Bechard Gold Medal

Heritage Regional High School

73 kg U17 Girls: Beatrice Galaise Gold Medal

65 kg U17 Boys: Cruz Lewis Gold Medal

Massey Vanier

125 kg U20 Men: Noah Mc Callum Bronze Medal

Montreal Wrestling Club

50 kg U20 Women: Madison Charlton Gold Medal

Patriotes de St-Césaire 

30 kg U13 Girls: Maély Rainville Gold Medal

39.9 kg U15 Boys: Loïc Rainville Gold Medal

43 kg U15 Boys: Justin Messier Silver Medal

49 kg U17 Girls: Laurie Bourgault 4th place

65 kg U17 Girls: Rose Forgues Gold Medal

69 kg U17 Girls: Rose Lacoste Gold Medal

61 kg U17 Boys: Josué Daigneault Aguilar Silver Medal

73 kg U17 Boys: Andrew Blais Gold Medal

74 kg U20 Men: Nathan Rainville Gold Medal

Tritton Performance Wrestling Club

51kg U15 Girls: Emma Tritton Gold Medal60 kg U17 Boys: Adam Mazri Gold Medal92kg U20 Men: Xavier Lauzon Gold Medal125 kg U20 Men: Nick Cross Gold Medal65kg U23 Men:Maxim Lefebvre Sauve Gold Medal79 kg U23 Men: Anderson Dessources Silver Medal

Vanier College

60 kg U20 Men: Logan Suh Silver Medal

Congratulations to all our wrestlers who competed on multiple fronts and represented their club, school and province extremely well!