On Sunday, April 10th Quebec athletes from the Montreal Wrestling Club attended the Forge Open in Caledonia Ontario. As more teams have been able to practice on a consistent basis, wrestling in the province as well as participation in these tournaments has increased. All in all, the results were good as there were six Gold Medals won and one Silver medal. The results were as follows:

Junior/Senior Men

Gold Medal Jason Luneau 65 kg (Montreal Wrestling Club)

Gold Medal Stone Lewis 74 kg (Montreal Wrestling Club)

Gold Medal Connor Church 79 kg (Montreal Wrestling Club)

Gold Medal Jeremy Poirier 92 kg (Montreal Wrestling Club)

Junior/Senior Women

Gold Medal Jayd Davis 53 kg (Montreal Wrestling Club)

Silver Medal Virginie Gascon 57 kg (Montreal Wrestling Club)

Jayd Davis

Stone Lewis

Virginie Gascon

Jason Luneau