The second tournament of the University season was held at the Loyola Gymnasium on Sunday November 6th, as Concordia hosted their annual tournament. Clubs from New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec came to compete at the tournament.

The wrestlers prepare

The tournament saw some competitive matches as Concordia came away with the Team Title for the Women and Montreal Wrestling Club NTC won the Team Title for the Men. Individual Honours saw Sophia Bechard of Concordia University win the Outstanding Wrestler for the women while Mohamed Hozayen of Carleton University was named the Outstanding Wrestler for the Men. Most Technical Woman Wrestler for the tournament was Amanda Savard of Concordia while the most Technical Wrestler for the Men was Jason Luneau of the Montreal Wrestling Club NTC.

Team and Individual awards

Sophia Bechard

The individual results for the tournament were the following:


50 kg

56 kg

59 kg

65 kg

67 kg

72-76 kg

Kiana Boschitisch


57 kg

61 kg

65 kg

68 kg

72 kg

76 kg

82 kg

90 kg

100 kg

Aidan Saccari

In the end, it was great tournament, filled with exciting matches and good participation. On to the next tournament!

Trevor Banks