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26 Sep 2023

Category: Articles


Results from the 2019 McMaster Invitational

The McMaster Invitational is the second tournament on the varisty circuit and took place this Sunday, November 3rd at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Concordia University, the Montreal Wrestling Club/NTC and a representative from the Brazillian National Team training in Montreal, sent athletes to the tournament…


Results from the 2019 U-23 World Championships, Days 1 and 2

Quebec athletes were well represented at the U-23 World Championships held in Budapest, Hungary. Athletes from Concordia University, Montreal Wrestling Club/NTC and Vanier College were present and made up most of the Canadian contingent, totalling eight athletes. Representing Concordia University were Samuel Barmish (79 kg), Alex Moore…

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Team Operations Preparation Seminars

The Canadian Olympic Committee has been running Team Operations Preparation Seminars the year leading into the Olympics for the past number of Games. The purpose of these seminars was to get mass amounts of logistical information out to the Olympic team, while also allowing all…

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CAWA Hall of Fame

On March 23rd, 2013 Gia Sissaouri and Jay Bradbury were inducted into the CAWA Hall of Fame.  Gia as an athlete for his many accomplishments on the international scene and Jay as an offical and a builder. Gia Sissaouri