The GMAA/RSEQ Season came to a close as the championships were held on Thursday at Howard S. Billings High School. The finals was one of the largest we’ve seen in a while as both the amount of schools as well as participants. The defending champs, Loyola, finished in top place for the On-Island Conference, while Howard S. Billings were top for the Off-Island Conference. On the girls side, Beurling Academy finished in first place for the On-Island Conference, while Howard S. Billings were first for the Off-Island Conference.

The calm before the storm

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Boys On-Island

Boys Off-Island

Girls On-Island

Girls Off-Island

The Championships saw many great matches as both returning medalists and new athletes sought to stake their claim as the GMAA/RSEQ Champions for this year. After a gruelling day of competition, the results for the girls were as follows:

Weight Gold Silver Bronze
111 lbs Laurie Bourgault (ESPGO) Joy Sepieh (PCHS) Lia Bear (KSS)
119 lbs Molly Lee Raymond (BEUR) Charlotte Wylie (RWA)
126 lbs Amber Charette (HSB) Samara Dhanisar (PCHS) Jayden Gillette (HSB)
132 lbs Alexia Frate (HSB) Tiohahison Splicer (KSS) Isabel Mier (JRHS)
138 lbs Jade Letham (HSB)
145 lbs Malak Azar (RVHS) Lizabeth Crete (BEUR)
153 lbs Evelyn Fuller (HSB)
175 lbs Ava Hamelin (KSS) Emma Proulx Olson (KSS)
189 lbs Alexandra Gendron (MVHS) Brigid Bickford-Gilber (BEUR)
210 lbs Joey Parsons (HSB)
HWT Elina Garon (MVHS)

The lineup for the finals

For the boys the competition was also a good one as the tournament featured some very exciting matches at all weights. In the end, these were the results for the boys:

Weight Gold Silver Bronze
79 lbs William Guyot (SHS)
87 lbs Gabriel Lazanis (SHS) Adam Hamdaqa (PCHS) Shravan Subin (BEUR)
95 lbs Atiewaton:ni Homer (KSS) Rakehnhoktha Polson-Lahache (KSS) Eliot Bouchard (ESPGO)
103 lbs Jacob Azam (PCHS) Ben Walker (SHS) Gabriel Bayne (BEUR)
111 lbs Muhammad Bilal (BEUR) Deven Grenier (MVHS)
119 lbs Emelio Perez (HSB) Devin Hubbard (BEUR) Justin Messier (ESPGO)
126 lbs Dylan Thauvette (HSB) Artem Zohrviskyi (MVHS) Kurtis Doutre-Trembley (LOY)
132 lbs Ibrahim Azar (RVHS) Yuan Deluao (RWA) William Mansell (MVHS)
138 lbs Vitalii Mirau (BEUR) Ethan Nesbit (SHS) Saefden Saad (PCHS)
145 lbs Miguel Zecius (MVHS) Adriano Arcaro (LOY) Josué Daigneault Aguilar (ESPGO)
153 lbs Nicholas Elliott (HSB) Owen Rooney LOY) Luca Fonsato (LOY)
163 lbs  Exaucé Luhungi Mondo (ESPGO)
Nathan Zachary (JRHS)
Justin Khairy (LOY)
175 lbs Ethan Rooney (LOY) Logan Horn (LOY) Nicolas Papodopoulos (HRHS)
189 lbs Andrew Blais (ESPGO) Reid King (LOY) Hashim Dar (PCHS)
210 lbs Anthony Campione (LOY) Tiago Alvez (JRHS) Dylan Allison (RVHS)
HWT Matthew Leblanc (KSS) Deyogawehe Horne (KSS) Lukas Sahakian (SHS)

Action at 210 lbs

At the end of the tournament, the Champions for the Boys side were Loyola, who defended their title and the Girls banner was won by Howard S. Billings. The final standings for all teams were the following:

Final Place Boys Final Place Girls
1 Loyola 1 Howard S. Billings
2 Howard S. Billings 2 Beurling Academy
3 École Secondaire P.G.Ostiguy 3 Kahnawake Survival School
4 Selwyn House School 4 Massey Vanier High School
5 Beurling Academy 5 École Secondaire P.G.Ostiguy
6 Massey Vanier High School 6 Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School
7 John Rennie High School 7 Royal West Academy
8 Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School 7 Vincent Massey Collegiate
9 Kahnawake Survival School 8 John Rennie High School
10 Heritage Regional High School 9 Loyola
10 École Secondaire Heritage Regional 10 Royal Vale High School
11 Royal West Academy
12 Vincent Massey Collegiate


175 lbs was a huge division!

For the Outstanding Wrestler Awards, Howard S. Billings had a clean sweep as Dylan Thauvette won for the Boys while for the Girls, Amber Charette and Alexia Frate won for the Girls.

School Abbreviation
Beurling Academy BEUR
École Secondaire P.G. Ostiguy ESPGO
John Rennie High School JRHS
Kahnawake Survival School KSS
Heritage Regional High School HRHS
Howard S. Billings High School HSB
Loyola High School LOY
Massey Vanier High School MVHS
Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School PCHS
Royal Vale High School RVHS
Royal West Academy RWA
Selwyn House School SHS
Vincent Massey Collegiate VMC

A huge thank has to go out to Howard S. Billings High School for hosting the event as well as congratulations to the two Champion Schools. Congratulations to all the athletes who competed at the championships as they represented themselves and their schools with distinction. Now, on to the Provincial Championships!

A huge scramble in the Gold Medal matches